Key point control of high quality “trace element premixed feed”” production”

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1 Status Service Livestock Currently, my country’s trace eleme are still mainly based on inorganic trace eleme, mainly because of its cheap and long-term use to form an intrinsic habit. However, my country’s feed-grade inorganic trace eleme come from industrial by-products. Due to low prices, the upper reaches has not made a full treatment, which is easy to residue to reside a lot of toxic and hazardous substances, thus bringing many problems to feed safety and stability. Problems. Th issues are slightly relieved with the use of organic trace eleme, mainly due to the competition of do tic feed companies, and everyone has further improved the requireme of feed quality, and the demand for the disclosure of the animal. In the past two years, the organic trace element is gradually recognized and widely used in the driving of the Group’s feed enterprises. In this environment, new problems should be delivered, and how the organic trace eleme scientifically assess and reasonable applications have brought new problems to many feed formulars. under the pressure of the above two problems, more and more feed companies have chosen to hand over the trace element premix, similar to the composite multi-dimensional model, handed over to the professional Trace element production and processing enterprises, focus their energy to the part of their best. Feeds are seven, eight trace eleme, dozens of inorganic and organic monomer raw materials, if the feed company is evaluated one by one, it will increase a large number of human and financial input, do not assess, will increase the safety and stable risk of feed. . This plasty, custom composite ore is not a most effective and safe solution. In response to different needs of different customers, personal customization is used to handle all trace element premix to professional suppliers. The benefits of custom composite ore can be briefly summarized as the following aspects: 1 Reduce the risk of enterprise procurement, before purchasing more than a dozen, now only need to purchase one or several resilience. 2 Reduce the pressure of storage and warehouse, in the previous dozens of trace monomers, need to be classified, not only occupying the raw material warehouse, but also the inorganic mine long-term storage is easy to oxidize discoloration, cake. Phenomenon. This type of problem can be dispensed with composite mines. 3 Reduce the large amount of investment in the character and instrument equipment. So, how can we produce high-quality trace eleme premix, I personally think it takes to do the following aspects of raw material control, formula control, production process and equipment and control. 2 Raw Materials Service Animal Husband for Trace Element Premix Raw Materials Mainly to grasp three principles, namely: oxidation factor control , Control of the control and hygiene indicators of the agglomeration factor. Serving Livestock 2.1 Oxidation Costs , Trace Element Prem he most likely producing iron-changing iron eleme, the light green divalent iron ions in the raw materials are oxidized into yellow trivalent iron ions, resulting in a premixed material discoloration. So what is the oxidation of iron ions, and we should control this color matching factor. Simple summarization is three aspects. First, the control of the oxidizing agent in the feed. In contrast, my country’s feed grade trace eleme are from industrial by-products. Production of raw sulfate sulfate is made of wet method, and the raw materials used are secondary zinc oxide from the industrial. Since the zinc oxide contains other eleme such as cadmium, lead, arsenic, iron, etc. Therefore, in order to get a high content of zinc sulfate products, it is necessary to perform an important position in addition to an antioxidant, in addition to the hybrid process. The oxidizing age used in th buprispets are mostly hydrogen peroxide, and there will be a portion of the zinc sulfate feedstock into a trace element premix, thus bvil iron oxidation in a small element premix into a trivalent iron. Second, the choice of the carrier, many companies use stone powder as a carrier for trace element premix, due to the increase in the premix pH, the bvil iron is oxidized into a trivalent iron ion when PH gt; 5. Third, the selected organic iron is not sufficiently chelated, and under the action of flushing in the premix, it is largely oxidized to trival iron. The method of solving the above problems is simple, first, the residual amount of the oxidant in the raw material is detected. Second, use a suitable trace element vector. Third, scientific and effective assessment of organic micro-quantities. 2.2 Clake Factor Premium Cake is mainly due to the cause of the raw material absorption and recrystallization, causing this phenomenon The main reason is that a large amount of free water, free acid and chloride remains in the raw material. There are mainly, first, strictly develop enterprise standards, because the relevant national standard control of the trace element monomer is small, and it cannot rely on national standard to choose a high-quality raw material. Strength development detailed corporate internal control standards. Second, strictly control whether the above three of all raw materials exceed the corporate internal control standard. Third, try to minimize the amount of use of copper sulfate. Serving Livestock 2.3 Health Indicators In the national standard, there is an additional control of nickel and mercury, because nickel directly affects young animals. And poultry skin coloring, the nickel element content in copper sulfate is the highest. The mercury element is extremely easily destroyed with gastric mucosa and intestinal velvet, resulting in a decrease in digestibility and absorption, so we need to focus on whether mercury eleme are exceeded. Another important issue is the control of dioxin, and the raw materials produced by my country’s feed grade sulfate production are used to produce the waste liquid of the circuit board. The abrasion liquid produced by the circuit board is just three conditions that form dioxins, namely: benzene ring, chloride ion, and high temperature. Therefore, we detect that the content of the dioxin in the copper of the finished feed grade beyond the EU standards exceeded 3 to 5 ti .As we all know, the dioxin is a high-circle cancer, and the long-term use of high copper in the breastfeeding pigs will be harmful to the environment and the human body. 3 Formulation Service Animal Husbands Due to the low absorption rate of inorganic trace eleme, the price is low, the cost of the feed is very small. Therefore, production enterprises have been outside the NRC and the national standard and even higher than the use of inorganic trace eleme. Everyone knows that the use of trace eleme has a certain safety threshold, and the eleme have a certain proportion on absorption. Due to our large proportion, animals cannot completely absorb, resulting in a very large waste of trace eleme, and a large number of cations have also stimulated the animal intestinal electrolyte balance. Therefore, the use of trace eleme, we must focus on the two basic principles of the ratio between effective content and eleme, and design different varieties and different phases of animal trace eleme in different stages in the ideal trace element pattern. In designing any animal’s trace element premix, the following factors must be considered on the basis of formula design: first, different forms of trace eleme The loss caused by the existence of an oxidative reaction. Second, iron, copper, zinc, zinc, and mangan four eleme are the best addition ratio. Third, the added ratio of organic trace eleme with inorganic trace eleme. Fourth, whether there is a lack of trace eleme in different regions. Fifth, in different seasons, trace eleme need to increase safety. Among them, the added ratio of inorganic trace eleme and organic trace eleme is the most confused problem that many feed companies encountered during the design process. Here we produce the trace eleme of the company’s trace eleme and market application experience values u200bu200bare extra important. 4 Production Process, Equipment and Products Control 4.1 Production Process First, we must clear the characteristics of high quality trace element premix, summarize There are five poi. That is: First, each trace composition can be uniformly distributed. Second, improve the instability of trace compone. Third, the level of adding is standardized. Fourth, reduce the production process of feed enterprises. Fifth, maximize the synergistic effects of trace compone. It can be seen, evenly distributed in the first place, so how to make the weight difference, the moisture is different, the particle size is different, and it is suspected, two aspects, name: Ultrafine Capsule, Fully Mixed Equipment for Ultimate Micro – Component Materials. According to the principle of Poisson distribution, mixing uniformity (CV) lt; 3% or less premix product, at least 900 capsules in each sample can prevent the component from supplying and analyzing the assembly of nutrient supply and analysis. . Such as trace eleme premixed sodium selenate, iodide acidCalcium, organic chromium Th products are extremely low, and the effective dose is close to the poisoned dose. Therefore, ultrafine pulverization must be made to make mix evenly. At prnt, enterprises are pulverized in a dry ball mill. The average particle diameter of 500 ~ 600 after crushing. 4.2 Production Equipment – Scientific use of feed, serving livestock automatic premixing equipment, greatly improves production efficiency, reducing feed company’s raw material procurement costs. It is also strictly controlling the safety stability of the micro element premix. The sequence control of the original material of the central control system can reduce the multi-investment and leakage problems that have emerged by artificial feed. Accurate trace weighs can effectively control the feed error problem of materials. The double-paddle mixer ensures that the material mixing uniformity is controlled by 3%. 4.3 Accurate Character Control and Visualization In the same time, there must be a scientific process and precision automatic premixing equipment Set of refinement of the quality control process and traceability system. The first is the measurement of mixing uniformity, and the determination of the mixing uniformity of the conventional trace element premix is u200bu200bto detect iron eleme, but the problem of detecting iron eleme, first, iron eleme account for a large proportion of microallies. It is not possible to sufficiently reflect the mixing uniformity of the mine. Second, there are currently no iron eleme in the micrite formulated by some enterprises, so that the mixing uniformity of the product cannot be reflected by detecting iron eleme. The micro component of iodine cobalt cobalt can be selected to judge the mixed uniformity index, so it is more accurate. – Based on the use of feed, service livestock, the current trace element premix is u200bu200bused, and more importantly, it is to send feed companies to the trust of the selected multi-mine supplier brand. As a multi-mine manufacturer itself, a detailed traceability system must be developed, so that the multi-mine is not in a cold-ice product, and the person in charge of the feed company must be truly perceived by this product. From raw material procurement, formula design, premix processing, finished inspection, logistics, etc. every link. To this end, some companies in the market have also launched the product online traceability inquiry system, allowing customers to clearly understand the À´ È¥ È¥ È¥ ×Ô¼º ×Ô¼º ×Ô¼º.

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