Latest changes in the processing of lactag materials and main equipment selection

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Generally speaking on the breeding of piglets, with its future growth performance. The weight of the breastfeeding pig is not only directly related to its future fattening speed, but also affects the fertilizer quality of fattening pigs. The piglets are small, and the disease, death or growth is extremely difficult. The breastfeeding phase is bold and complicated; the piglet amylase, sucrose, maltose, gastric protease activity is very low, nerve, body fluid regulation is not Completely established, gastric acid secretion, the velocity of food is also very fast. Due to these reasons, piglet digestive machines can be very imperfect, and there should be high-quality breast pigs to adapt to it, otherwise it is easy to cause poor dyspeps of piglets. IBK China Feed Industry Information Network – Based on Feed, Serving Animal Husbandry

So what kind of milk is a high quality breast pig? The author believes that the high-quality breast pig should be good, the piglet loves and does not eat dysentery, the meat is low and the growth is fast, can solve the weaning stress, can adapt to the development needs of the scale farm, feeding Economic convenience and can afford the market test and sell a large breast pig is a good lady. It not only requires good scientific formula and has a good and well-improved processing process, and the formula is a means of processing. How to convert good scientific formulations into high quality products is determined by the processing process, so the formulation is key to determining the processing process. Reasonable formula, high quality raw materials, only quality feed can only be produced at a performance reliable processing equipment and scientific process. IBK China Feed Industry Information Network – Based on Feed, Serving Animal Husbandry

The main ingredient of the lard is a grain starch (corn) and the desired soy protein, the main purpose of processing, one It is bactericidal, and the second is to make the starch. These are not difficult, the key is how to properly configure the processing equipment and processing technology to maximize the loss of the lactose starch while minimizing the loss of other nutrients, maximizing increase Production capacity, reduce the power consumption of unit production, thereby reducing processing costs. This paper is a simple discussion on key processes and equipment selection in the processing process of larvae. IBK China Feed Industry Information Network – Based on Feed, Serving Animal Husbandry

IBK China Feed Industry Information Net – based feed, serving animal husbandry

In the past lactag feed production, the corn is pulverized and processed into other materials directly mixed with other materials or granulation (or expansive machine maturation processing Pot sar). The main problem of this production process is not ripening or the degree of gelation (ripening) is low, and the digestibility rate after the piglet is low, affecting the benefits of breeding; the second is that the temperature is not too high in the treatment of the treatment, because various additives It has been added, and the temperature will adversely affect some additives. The temperature is low, so it is difficult to produce high-end feeding.material. Even in the end, the use of the expansion machine can only be used in a plurality of plug production (the past production process is basically used in this manner), and then produces a sheet (potter), and then crushed and sieved. However, the so-called ldquo of this processing process; there is also a lower-rate, low digestive absorption rate, low stypes, and the low meat are low, and this is currently eliminated by the market.

IBK China Feed Industry Information Network – Based on Feed, Serving Animal Husbandry

IBK China Feed Industry Information Network – Based on Feed, Serving Animal Husbandry Since 2003, the people of insights since the feed industry have begun to try new lady’s material processing technology and have achieved huge success. This new process is: Corn Rarr; Crush Rarr; Puffed RarR; Cool Rar (Cool Rar; (with other ingredients) Mixed RarR; Granite RarR; Cool Rarr; Measurement Packaging. The maximum advantage of this process processing of the milk is high. The starch is high, and the digestibility after the piglets are educated. It does not have any adverse effects on other additives. The formula is convenient, which greatly improves the production of high-grade lactation pigs. Feasibility of materials. IBK China Feed Industry Information Network – Based on Feed, Serving Animal Husbandry

IBK China Feed Industry Information Network – Based on Feed, Serving Animal Husbandry

[123 ] At present, the quality of the crusher produced by the domestic well-known large feed machinery manufacturers is nice. As long as the model is selected, it can be selected to match the subsequent production capacity. The requirements for the screen screen are generally selected to §æ 2 mdash; 2.5, the screen consumption can be high, the screen is large and no sexy pig processing requirements. The feeding device of the crusher (the mill is generally not shipped by the factory) is very important. For small feed mills with high degree of automation, the amount of manual gate is often controlled. The large feed factory often uses an impeller or a helical automatic control of the feeder, and the speed is adjustable to change the speed of the speed to change the amount of feed. More advanced control methods use a negative feedback circuit to control the amount of feeder of the feeder by the current of the pulverizer. Most of the assembly mode of the pulverizer uses a spiral conveyance to add a negative pressure suction. Generally, a pulse dust collector is formed, placed in the reverse end of the discharge, and there are two functions of dust removal and suction. This approach ensures the dust removal of the pulverization system, and reduces the energy consumption of the pulverizer. A good suction system can increase the production of crusher by about 20%. The amount of suction is generally determined by the screen of the pulverizer, generally 2 m / s ~ 2.5m / s should be suitable. When selecting a spiral conveyor, its delivery capacity should be more than 10% by the pulverizer production. The raw material corn is subjected to a warehouse after being crushed.Processing process mdash; puffed processing. In the process design, pay attention to the material can flow smoothly to the expander, and the puffed processing cannot be broken. IBK China Feed Industry Information Network – Based on Feed, Serving Animal Husbandry

IBK China Feed Industry Information Network – Bit Feed, Service Animal Husbandry [123

The expanded work sequence is one of the critical processes in the production of the entire breast pig. The main purpose of puffing is sterilized, and the second is to make the starch amazed, and the degree of starch is critical. The spiral extrusion type expander is a strong fitting equipment. In the past, it was considered that the adaptation of the expansion machine was limited, not universal, a extrusion of extrusion, not processing any materials, sometimes even impossible. The research now shows that by replacing a small amount of part changes the spiral combination and discharge mode, it is realized that a machine has become reality. Domestic puffing technology has been growing in the 1990s. There have been a main motor supporting power of 132kW, 160KW commercial models in a large number of use, and many well-known large-scale expansion machine manufacturers have several, including some advanced machines. type. Such as the “China Agricultural Machinery Research Institute”” Institute of Agricultural Machinery Research Institute

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