Machining method of soy-concentrated protein

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First, the use of soy-concentrated proteins, soy, concentrated protein, also known as 70% protein powder. Soy concentrated proteins can be applied to the production of milk powder, protein pouring food, screw, latex minced meat, meat roll, seasoning, baked food, baby food, simulated meat, etc., should be selected according to the functional characteristics of different concentrated proteins. Second, the processing method is in the processing of the concentrated protein of soybeans, and the raw material is preferably low-temperature deoxyla, and it can be leached with high temperature, but the utilization rate is low and the quality is poor. The method of producing concentrated proteins is mainly a dilute acid precipitation method and alcohol washing method. 1, the dilute acid precipitation method utilizes soybean meal powder leaching solution in the equidum (pH 4.3 ~ 4.5), the principle of the protein solubility, the insoluble protein, polysaccharide with soluble carbohydrate, low molecule protein, then neutralized and concentrated And dry dehydration was carried out, which was concentrated to concentrate protein powder. This method can remove soybeans at the same time. The dilute acid precipitation method produces concentrated protein powder, the protein is better (high PDI value), but the acid-base consumption is large. At the same time, it is discharged to a large amount of sugar-containing waste water, causing difficult difficulties in treatment, and the product’s flavor is not as good as alcohol. 2. Alcohol washing method utilizes the principle of soluble protein solubility when the alcohol concentration is 60% to 65%, and alcoholic liquid is mixed with low temperature deletion, soluble saccharide, ash and alcohol protein in washing mean. The alcohol solution was separated, and alcohol and sugar were recovered, and the slurry was dried to concentrate the protein powder. Protein powder produced in this method, the color is better, and the protein loss is less. However, due to protein degeneration and product still contain 0.25% to 1% alcohol, the consumption value is limited. Furthermore, there is a wet hot water washing, acid immersion alkol ishing and film separation method. The membrane separation method is to obtain a concentrated protein with ultrafiltration membrane, reverse osmotic membrane dehydration recovery water soluble low molecular protein with sugar, production does not require wastewater treatment project, product nitrogen solution (ns) is high, so it is a kind A promising method.

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