Mass tunator technology: expanders in feed processing

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Expansive also referred to as Expander, China’s reputation, and the working principle is the same as the extruder, which is used to increase the heat of the powder before adding the granulation.The powder is forced by the stenosis gap between the screw and the stamper under the action of the pressure, generates compaction and shearing, with a fierce friction of the screw and the cylinder, and generate a large amount of heat to achieve a ripening, sterilizing andImprove the purpose of granulation.Different, the pressure-mold gap of the expander is tuned, and the work can be adjusted by adjusting the damper gap, and the powder is controlled in the striupment chamber, thereby controlling the heat of the diffusion of the powder.The general expander can generate 40 ppa to a temperature of 40 ppa and a temperature of 120 ¡ã C – 130 ¡ã C, and the material is stranded for 3 to 5 seconds under these conditions, and physical changes occur very quickly, so that the amount of starch gemdation of the material and protein can be soluble.The degree is significantly improved, however, the thermal nutrients in the material will also be significantly lost during this high temperature. XBT China Feed Industry Information Network – Based on Feed, Service Animal Husbandry

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