Mechanism of feed during packaging

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Feed particle machine processing feed finished product When the packaging operation, the feed of the feed is mainly in the filling bag. The operator at the filling bag will first put the bag into the cartridge of the automatic scale. The pinch bag will clamp the bag through the working operation of the cylinder, and then the material is rolled into the bag. When the feed passes the packed bag through the jacket, because the flour falls into the bag and the air inside the bag will generate a replacement, the existence of the drop in the bag is in the bag, and the feed will be induced in the falling process. The bag is accomplished by accumulated roles in the bag, and the space in the bag is very fast, and the air pressure in the bag will be improved in the bag. It is because these a relatively high pressure air is flying out of the breath and the sewing of the bag of the bag and the bag of the bag, and the feed is brought out of the bag, and the surrounding of the bag will produce dust and dust. Air.

Generally, in order to prevent dust pollution generated during the feed package, a suction port is provided on the packaging scale. The air suction is pumped, drums the dust air; the suction device is generally provided on the rack on the back of the bag of the package. It is the operator standing in front of the wear scale, and the suction device is behind the package scale.

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