Method for extending granulator compression molding life

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The granulator compression die is long, first depending on the quality of manufacturers, but the correct operational technology is essential. The do tic feed factory has increased rapidly, and the particle feed is promoted by the south to north. It is understood that many small and medium-sized manufacturers have caused premature wear, burst, and the production capacity of stamping should not be exerted, resulting in the production line of the entire production line. The stamper is more expensive, such as use, tonnage model is 2.50 ~ 3.50 yuan, if the operation is improper, the tonne cost is 5.00 yuan, and the production cost is increased. 1 New Stamper Installation After the granulator, the air operation test, check whether the spindle and pressure roller are There is a move and adjust it. It should also be adjusted to adjust the feed blade, otherwise the material is difficult to enter the compression mold and the pressure roller, and one of the materials from the pressing cover, the powder is high. Adjust the gap between the upper edge curve and the stamper and the compression sheet, so that it is controlled between 2 to 3 mm, and the position of the front end of the doctor blade extends should not exceed the sink groove of the inner bore. the and the gap of the new pressure roller are 0.05mm ~ 0.5mm, to rotate the mold, the pressure roller is not rotating. Adjust the pressure roller axial round nut until to adjust, lock the retraction gasket, add butter (usually high temperature lithium-resistant lithium nip fat, 8h plus once) to avoid overturn the burning compression die bearing. The clearance between the stamper and the pressure roller is too small, the pressure mold and the pressure roll are easily worn, and the pressure is also accelerated when the mold is severe (when the mold is poor) bursts. And the noise is large, affecting the yield. The gap should generally be selected depending on the size of the pressure-mold hole, the clearance of the mold hole is small, and the gap in the mold hole is large; the new pressure die gap is small, the old pressure die gap is large. The stamper and the pressure roller gap are too large, which will cause difficulties. New pressure roller is used. 2 New Stamping Method Machine Particles Adjustable, can be turned on, new stamping The smoothness is not good, there is an oxidation layer, rust point, etc., the boot is slightly feeding, which is slightly large, and it is easy to block the mold hole, and it will burn seriously. Therefore, the new stamper should be washed 15-30 min before starting, first with a micropipei addition of about 5 ~ 8% oil, then add, then add, repeated 15 min. This allows the mold hole to extrud the light and wash the mold in the mold. Note that the added oil should be a harmless oil for poultry. In this way, repeated manual extrusion, such as the main motor without superload, smooth discharge, and can be disconnected, and there should be 90% of the mold hole. – Botting feed If the discharge is smooth, it can be formally granulated. First open the granules, the state of material. To preventIn the machine, the debris enters the mold, at which point, the outer discharge door of the operating door should be opened, and the material is mixed with the m ure. After being clean, you can switch the mold. In order to carefully, the hand should hold the handover handle, first allow the partial material to enter the mold, partially extracted, observe whether the stamper is discharged, observing whether the main motor current is smooth, such as normal switching. At this time, the feed can be gradually increased, continue to observe whether the main motor current is smooth. If the current has increased dramatically, stop the feeder immediately while the material is switched out of the door. When it is not serious, the granulator will return to normal after ten seconds. For example, if the pressure mold in ten seconds is not shown, it can be done down from the door, or from the outside, it can be normal, and then recover When the feed is added, when the material increases to a certain number (1/4 of the full load feed, the steam can be slowly added, gradually increase the supply, and increase steam synchronously. When the mold temperature is 85 ¡ã C, the feed is increased, and steam is increased, until the main motor current is proximate to the rated current, increase the steam to keep the mold temperature at 85-90 ¡ã C. At this point, the granulator is in the best working condition. is worth reminding that in the first time, do not rush to steam. Because at this time, the steam is less, the extremely easily plugging, is not as stimulating steam to add steam as the treatment is added to a certain amount. 3 Clip Machine Reason and Countermeasures Wave Motion Molding Mouth Way is not enough, the stamper shelving time is too long, the mold hole rust In addition to the cause, the raw material pulverization is too thick too thick, and the material moisture is too high or too small (13-15%) can cause a plug. Of course, the operator is unskilled, there is no masterpiece to collect the material characteristics, it is difficult to make the press molds normally, and the plug mode is inevitable. Washing Materials should be selected according to the mold hole light: (1) Good intensity, Meiki plus small bean oil; (2) Diffusion or rust , McGei plus oil, plus 50% fine yellow sand. Method of Washing Mold As previously, the three material washing can be selected according to the molding hole, and a step-by-step method can be used, that is, (1), not ideal (2), (3). Pay attention to the handmade adding and uniform, and the eyes always observe the motor current table, and the current suddenly increases, that is, stopped. When the current is stable, the feed can be increased, boost the machine, make the mold hole more easily extruded, when the block is severely blocked, and then start after cleaning. It was washed 15-30 min, and the heavy people didn’t even need 1 h until 90% of the mold. When cleaning the machine, encounter a plucking machine number, the mold temperature exceeded 100 ¡ã C, then more susceptible to blocking, it is necessary to take cooling measures: (1) When the model is slightly, the feed can be added more oil, a little water; 2) Can add 0.5-1.0 kg of oil in the mold to add. (3) Stop, quickly open the door, shovel the mold hole, the fire speed is filled with a small mop, immediately close the door. Let some oils become gas, will holesThe internal material is swollen, carefully observes that most of the mold holes are in a small bubble, which is an effective feature. After 15 minutes, turn it off, and the mold is quickly washed. the is blocked, and there is a flashlight or nail, so that slow and easily damage the mold hole finish, not enough. If the clogging is not very serious, it is not anxious, and it can be placed in an oil immersed one week and then extruded the die, and it can work. If the blockage is serious, it is best to be placed in a large barrel (with the waste oil), and the fire is cooled, about 20 min after the oil is opened, and the mold is burst, and then the cooling is removed. This allows the mold hole material to be quickly removed, and the mold hole finish is not damaged. 4 Stamper Dynamism In the process of use, the inner surface wear will become uneven, such as partial wear It’s a pity that it is more serious and abandoned. There are a lot of wear reasons, divided into normal wear, abnormal wear. Main cause of abnormal wear: The pressure roller is tightened, and it is worn with each other with the punching clearance; the angle of the doctor blade is not good, resulting in uniformity of the distribution material and partially wear; in the mold to fall into the metal. When the compactment is used to 60%, it can be repaired once, and the pressure mold life can be extended in nearly a week, which can produce more than 1000 ~ 2000T, which can save the maintenance of 2000 to 4,000 yuan. More than a dozen years, economic benefits are very considerable. Repair Method: Wrap the mold in the old lathe, and take a small grinder. In the in-mold surface, find a reference to the intermediate state wear, start the car bed to turn the model slowly, and take the tool holder slowly into the knife. It will be grinded above the reference portion (this is small). It can be taken into a few ti . Pay attention to add cooling media during grinding to avoid the reduction of the surface hardness. Note that the baseline should be reasonably, find a baseline is too low, the cost is large, the mold is thin, and the material is not hard enough; the baseline is too high, the work is not used. Generally, it can only be repaired once, and wear is too serious to lose the value. The pressure roll can also be repaired, and the tank must be sluched after the mill. the life of the service livestock directly affects the quality and production of the product. Granular and equipment managers must earnestly summarize experiences, continuously improve operational skills, control the ton of stamping at a lower level, create the best economic benefits.

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