Method for improving the production efficiency of feed granulator

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With the development of livestock, the development of the aquaculture industry and the advancement of feed industrial technology. Particle feed production has been popularized in the feed mill. The primary equipment in the particulate feed production process is the granulator, the high and low granulator production efficiency has seriously affects the economic benefits of the feed mill. 1 Design Reasonable Particle Feed Production Process Now More Common Granular Feed Production Process, is the former treatment (feeding) Most of the three parts: massage, magnetic separation), granulation and post treatment (cooling, crushing, classification, etc.) (see chart below). Th three parts are constrained to determine the processing quality and economy of particulate feed. Should Pay Note: 1 At least two to be made to meet the replacement formula The need; 2 Before the feed enters the granulator, it is necessary to ensure that the feed to the granulation is not ironed by high-efficiency, and the cooler should be placed directly behind the granulator. This avoids the crushing of wet heat particles; 4 crusher is preferably disposed under the cooler. Daste and particles are sent to the graded sieves above the finished warehouse, which is conducive to the fine powder and sieves to reflow and facilitate the warehouse. 2 According to Procedure Correct Operating Granulation Machine 2.1 Open Equipment – Serving Livestock 2.1.1 Air compressor rar; fan rar; sack dragon storm; 2.2 grading sieve rar; Fighting machine rar; horizontal conveyor rarr; crusher rarr; cooler; Rarr; Cooler Tutor; 2.3 Granulation Machine Main Motor Rad Regulator Motor Radr; Feed Machine (Minimum Speed); China Feed Industry Information Net serving the animal husbandry 2.1.4 first open granulation, then gradually open the steam valve, adjust the feeder speed; 2.1.5 further adjust the feeder speed Keep the working current close to the rated value, and adjust the steam flow accordingly, make the material temperature and humidity after the injection of the injection; 2.1.6 to adjust the cutter, so that the particles are suitable; the particles started by the 2.7.7, and then enter the cooler after basically normal. 2.2 2.2.1 Top 20-30min Notification Boiler Work Starfish, Production of Residual Pellets with YuAqi; Serving Livestock 2.2. 2 Observe the return flow, determine the downtime according to the return flow; 2.2.3 When the grain bin and buffer can be shut down, the order is reversed when it is turned on; 2.2.4 Turn off the steam valve first, then gradually turn off the feeder, striupter; 2.2.5 from the observation door to feed human oil material (more than 24 h) Fill in the ring mold hole; 2.2.6 Close the Main Motor; Serving the Livestock 2.2.7 After the main unit, the cooler should be ensured The inner particles have sufficient cooling time to avoid hot materials; Services Livestock 2.2.8 After the granules in the cooler, gradually close the crusher, the shower plane, Hierarchical screening and delay from each other; Service Animal Husband 2 2.9 Close Hydraulic System (if equipped). 2.3 Masterings Three Essentials: One Clams, II, Three Adjustme 2.3.1 Catching Mdash; Mdash Use hands from watching the granulator door to observe the mouth, serving livestock test temperature and moisture. When the granulator exit is taken from the granulator exit; 2.3.2 Learning Mdash; Mdash; Reading Temperature Table and Current Table Understand the actual situation of granulation; Serving Livestock 2.3.3 Three Adjustme Mdash; Mdash; According to LDQUO; One Patient Two Looks Rdquo; adjust the cutter distance, feeder speed and steam valve The opening degree (adjustment of steam). 3 strictly abide by the principle of inspection, the inspection is one of the essence of granulation, the purpose is to timely Discover problems, reduce fault downtime, protect equipment, and ensure production. ServiceThe study of the animal husbandry inspection cannot go through the field, fully understand the inspection requireme and content, and pay attention to highlight the focus of various equipment.The inspection content and requireme of each device are shown in the table below. the Problems Discovery of Livestock Tour Process Should Fill in the relevant form or make corresponding records, major issues should be reported immediately, and must not hide, avoid light, slide, small news, small or exaggerated. Due to the longitudinal direction of granulating lines throughout the workshop, and there are many types of people, therefore need multi-type personnel together to collaborate into the patrolTask.

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