Micro-organism production process

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1. At prnt, there are two main techniques for probiotics: solid surface fermentation method and large can liquid fermentation method. Solid surface fermentation method: It is carried out to mix the solid surface cultured bacteria and the carrier. This method is low in production, high labor intensity, susceptible to fungicia, is not suitable for industrial production, but there is less investment. Magnoli liquid fermentation method: The process flow is: strain inoculation culture ¡ú seed tank culture ¡ú Production tank culture ¡ú discharge culture solution to add appropriate amount of carrier ¡ú dry ¡ú Crush ¡ú sieve ¡ú quality inspection ¡ú probiotic products. This method is suitable for industrial production, which is convenient for sterility, but cost high. 2. Processing Treatment Techniques Different strains such as Bacillus, lactic acid bacteria, yeast, have different tolerances with environmental factors, but as active ingredie in probiotic products, performance is characteristic, it is difficult to pay. People have studied some protection methods, such as embedding, microencapsulation, etc., have achieved satisfactory results. But the cost is increased, and the production process is also complex. A study of the University of Nebiska, shows that adding grease in the diet can protect yeast from granulated destruction to some extent. With the development of genetic engineering, spores in spores were transplanted into the germinous bacteria in spores, which made it into high temperatures, or considering the binder bacterium substitute lactic acid bacteria, from the combination and screening of strains. It is possible to fundamentally solve the problem of microorganisms under the granulation process. Z_T3 / F At prnt, there are many market applications, and the effect is better than the composite probiotics mainly based on Bacillus. Even if the granulation is caused by most of the live bacteria such as lacticate, yeast, the lactic acid, vitamin B and high-quality proteins in the culture can still play a good efficacy together with the Bacillus. Therefore, the strains with better screen tolerance and stronger functions have always been an important issue in the field of probiotics.

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