Misunderstanding in fish powder, fish oil processing technology and control

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On May 17, China and European Water Feed Preparation and Quality Safety Technology Seminar held by the China Academy of Agricultural Sciences and China-EU WTO (Phase II) held in Beijing Zhongyuan Hotel. The conference invited the former International Fish Oil Fishmeal (IFFO), the current European and Danish Fish Fish Powder Association Chairman Dr.NILS Christian Jensen and Professor Trond Stroebakken, Norway University of Life, Trond Stroebakken, China Agricultural Ministry of Agricultural Animal Husbandry Division Wei Hongyang The guests of Xue Min researchers, China Agricultural Sciences Research Institute, and nearly 150 nutrition scholars from all over the country, the sales company’s technical director, and the formulant. X3G China Feed Industry Information Network – Based on Feed, Serving Animal Husbandry

According to Xue Min, the EU is relatively open in feed quality management, China is also often used in the formulating provision. Experience, so this meeting invited two European experts to share exchanges with you. At the meeting, Dr. Dr. Nils Christian Jensen made a report of “Misunderstanding in the Fish Oil Processing Technology and Corporation””

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