Mixed uniformity and noise detection problem of feed mixer

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Core Tip: This article introduces you related issues related to mixing uniformity and noise of feed mixers, see below. and Noise is the two important indicators in feed mixer detection, affecting the factors of th two indicators to measure the results, and it is easy to neglect, resulting in the results of the measurement precise. , Mixed Waveness the determination of the mixing uniformity of the serving livestock has two methods, namely methylfrica and precipitation. The methylfrica method is a tracer, and the feed is added to the feed of the additive to be mixed, and the sample is divided into the sample, then determine the methyl purple content in the sample in a colorimetric method. As a basis for reflecting the uniformity of the feed mix. Methylfrica is the most commonly used method for determining mixing uniformity, and is also the most accurate and reliable assay method. This paper only analyzes the influencing factors of mixed uniformity by methylfrica. 1. Test Materials the should be a corn flour according to the second-class corn processed according to GB1353. The geometric average diameter of the corn flour is no more than 1mm, and the geometric particles are unhal is not more than 2.5, and the water content is not more than 14%; in the actual test, th conditional indicators are generally easily ignored, and th conditions will affect the measurement accuracy of the mixed uniformity. Because of methylfrica, each analyzed sample is 10g, where methyl purple content has only 100,000 samples, if the particles are large, it will affect the distribution of tiny parts in the feed, Thereby, the incorrect measurement of mixing uniformity is caused. Service Livestock 2. Tracer Methyl Zi Serving Animal Methylene Transgenic As tracer, very high sensitivity, minor amou of different amou of filtrate The concentration of concentrations is very affected, and the concentration change will affect the extract value, thereby affecting the measurement result of mixing uniformity. Due to the different degrees of methylation of different batch methylvi, hue may differ, so in the test, it must be used in the same batch and thus mixed well. When the feed mixer is used to produce mating feed and concentrated feed, methylvine is ground, and the standard circular sieve by 0.1 mm (150 / in). When a feed mixer is used to produce a premixed feed, methyl purple passes through 0.074 mm (200 h / in) standard circular sieve. The tracer must be weighed with a balance of 0.01 mg or more, and the tracer amount of each batch of mixed trials is one hundred thousand parts of the material. the service animal animal husbandry tracer is preferably used in a relatively high density and the surface smooth paper, not to use rough paper to be reflected and packaged, so as not to cause the error of the tracer, affect the mixing uniformity Accuracy determination. Service Livestock 3. Mixed Time -Foot feed, service livestock general, the longer mixing time, the better the mixing uniformity, but the productivity will be reduced, so the mixing time specified in the instruction manual must be performed, and the mixing time cannot be shortened, and each time The mixing time of the test should be the same. Serving Livestock 4. Sampling and Samples Poi Services Animal Husband Each Batch After Batch Test, sample should be taken from the discharge port, each The weight of the sample should be maintained at 100 to 150 g. Each sample application The same method is divided into samples, and the repetition time and number of ti should be consistent. Service Animal Husband 5. Sample Treatment (1) Blank Reage must take the same batch of corn flour. (2) When analyzing samples with Besace triangulation, the plug must cover the volatilization of ethanol, resulting in an increase in solution concentration, affecting the extinction value of the sample. (3) When measuring each of the filtrates, the same blank agent will be re-scheduled to ensure accurate measurement value before each measurement.

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