Modulation technology of corn straw silage

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A, silage site and silage container

1. Choice of silage venue. It should be selected in terms of tightness, easy drain, low underground water level, convenient to take advantage of it.

2. Choice of silage containers. There are many types of silage containers, with silage tower, green trenches (large farms), silage (with long-range, cents), cement pool (underground, semi-underground), silage bags, and silage bags. Farmers use circular cranks and bags in two silage containers.

3. Treatment of silage containers. The circular silage is generally 3 meters deep, 2 meters of upper diameter, 1.5 meters, cavity planing, expulsion for two days, or according to the size of the plastic bag, dig a slightly smaller, planing Light wall surface, after drying.

Second, the loading of silage 1. Collection. The granxt of the harvested seeds will be transported to the silac room in time. The shorter the time to the transportation, which can maintain more nutrients in the raw material, and prevent too much loss of moisture.

2. Cut. Put the corn straw cut about 2-3 cm long, put a 20-centimeter thick dry wheat, put chopped corn straw into the cellar, cut, side, side. Especially the surroundings of the cellar, should pay more attention to practical, until 20 to 30 cm high of the cellar surface.

3. Sealing. After the fill, the above layer is covered with a layer of plastic cloth, covering more than 30 cm thick soil layers, sealed. The drainage is digging in the week.

Third, the maturity of silage

1. Maintenance of silage. With the maturity of silage and soil layer pressure, the silage of the silage will slowly down, and there will be cracks on the soil layer, which is exposed. If it is rain, rain will penetrate from the gap, so that the silage is corrupted. Sometimes because of the pedaling in the mount, the time is slightly long, the silage will appear lower than the ground, and the rain will flow in the rain. Therefore, you should observe the green storage at any time, find cracks or sinking, so as to keep soil to ensure the success of silage.

2. Mature. The green silage is loaded, under the action of bacteria, the fermentation, corn straw is generally 1.5-2 months, fermented mature. Fourth, the enablement of silage . After the silage is mature, you can get feeding. The circular cellar should be sealed from above, the side is taken, the depth is about 40 cm, and the second layer is taken after the upper layer is used. The long shape should be sealed from one side. Take a day every time you take. After the material is taken, the grass curtain and other objects are applied, and the waste of the wreath was cleaned.

2. Feed. Starting to feeding the green stock will be less than much, so that the livestock and poultry should be adapted. Mildew feed cannot be fed. Feed the vegeter, age, weight, and physiological status. Pregnancy should be heeded.

Five, silage quality test Silage quality evaluationIntuitive methods in production, essence of color, good taste and quality.

1. Color. Excellent silage color is green or yellow green, shiny, close to the original color. Medium quality silage colors are yellowed or dark brown. Inferior quality silage is black, brown or ink green.

2. Smell. Excellent silage has a fragrance. Medium quality silage is flavored or pungent. The paragraph of inferior silage is a mold, pungent. 3. Texture and structure. Excellent silage is soft, easy to separate, moist, close, stalks and leaves. Mid-quality silage is soft, much moisture, and the stem flowers are maintained. Inferior silage is in a viscous block, a sludge, no structure.

Sixth, the key to the production of silage

1. The feedstock should have a certain amount of water. Generally, the moisture content of the production of silage should be maintained at 65% to 75%, less than or higher than this water content, is not easy to silament. The water is high, it is necessary to add water, and the water is low to add water.

2. The feedstock should have a certain sugar content. Generally, the amount of raw material contains no lower than 1% to 1.5%.

3. Short green storage time. The most effective way to shorten the time of silage is fast, and the general silage process should be completed within 3 days. This requires fast collection, express, fast cut, fast, quick step, and fast seal.

4. Compact. At the time of mounting, you must compact the silage, try to discharge the air in the material, and create an anaerobic environment as much as possible. This is often overlooked in production, you should pay special attention.

5. Sealed. The silage container cannot leak, deaggic.

Chill feed as long as you can master water, sugar, fast, real, and make success.

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