Moisture control in the production process

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1 lactal pig particles water content and affect 1.1 lactarian water content in winter and spring season, due to low temperature The feed manufacturer uses more newly listed corn, and its moisture content is relatively high. After the feed production granulation, the moisture is around 13%, which can basically meet the quality control requireme. However, in the summer and autumn season, the feed raw material moisture is 11% to 13%, and the temperature is high, and the feed raw material moisture is part of pulverization, granulation, and pre-treatment process, so that the feed product moisture is 9% ~ 11%. 1.2 Granular Moisture on Lamidin Production Performance Granules is too high, the nutrient concentration is low, and it is easy to use Molding deterioration 1.3 Granular Water on Mechanical Wear and Production Efficiency the lower the moisture of the animal husbandry, the more serious mechanical wear, the productivity Low. The granular moisture is 11% to 13% production efficiency, and the mechanical wear is light. 1.4 Granular Water Content Impact on Economic Benefits of Economic Benefits Granules, Not only affects the quality of feed, but also affects products Produce rate and economic benefits. A company that year with 20,000 T granules, the annual loss of economic benefits can be as high as 2 million (20,000 t, by adjusting the moisture content, increase 2% per t, 5000 yuan per T material). According to the production seasonal climate and the change of the material moisture content, the production process parameters can be remarkably improved the economic benefits of feed quality and enterprises. 2 In the Feed Processing Process Method 2.1 Raw Water Control was comparable to the results of using different aperture of crusher sieve production. It was found that the amount of raw material moisture loss after pulverization increased as the raw material pulverization particle size was significantly increased. As the water content increases, the pulverization efficiency is also significantly reduced, and the energy consumption will also increase. The moisture loss of the raw material pulverization is generally about 0.5%. Water Control in Livestock 2.2 Feed Mixing Process the Water Loss of Livestock Feed Mixed Process is very small, it can be ignored. When the moisture content of the powder after mixing is relatively low, it can be considered in material mixing.Spray atomized water. However, there are many problems in the mixer to add water. It must be highly valued: 1 Water added to the mixer can not be used directly with tap water, and it needs to be specially treated or added to the mold. 2 To configure the quantity, the size of the suitable nozzle, adjust the position of the nozzle and the water spray rate, and ensure that the water spray is even. 3 After the production is completed daily, the mixer is cleaned, and the bin is ready to avoid the mixer, the residual remaining inner wall material of the particle warehouse. 4 For real-time monitoring of the moisture and weather changes of the raw materials and final products, the amount of water is determined according to the monitoring results, ensuring that the final product water content is within the safety range. Water Control in During Livestock 2.3 Water Control Temperature is a key process in the process of granule feed, and the tuning effect is directly affected. The quality of the particles and the water content of the finished product. Steam mass and conditioning time is two important factors affecting the conditioning effect. In the production process, by adjusting or closing the hydrophobic valve, using low pressure steam, increase the injection time of the material in the striupter, so that the material is sufficiently mixed with vapor, so that the material can sufficiently absorb moisture in the vapor, thereby increasing the moisture of the product. Serving Livestock 2.4 Select Suitable Granular Ring Model Service Animal Planmulo Machine Ring Machine The size of the aperture and compression ratio is affecting the granulator The main factors of capacity, and is also one of the factors affecting the water of the particulate feed. Small aperture is small, due to its small diameter of its particles, the cooling air volume of the cooler is easily penetrating feed particles, so that the moisture taken away when cooling, the moisture of the feed product will be low. Conversely, the well-diameter of the well is large, the particles are large, the cold wind is not easy to penetrate the particles, and the moisture taken away when cooling is small, and the water product moisture will rise. For ring molds with large compression, during granulation, the friction resistance is large, and the material is not easily passed through aperture, and the extrusion granules, the friction temperature is high, and the water dispersed is large, and the feed particles are reduced. Generally, the lactate is a loop mold hng a relatively small aperture, so the ring mold is selected from the low compression ratio, which is advantageous to improve the mass and moisture content of the particles. 2.5 Granular Cooling Exceeding at room temperature 3 ¡ã C; can also take away moisture in the feed, so that the moisture of the feed product meets the requireme, according to the moisture before the finished product, the cooling parameters of the finished product are set, and the moisture is excessive loss.

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