Monitor and processing technology of broiler feed

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After the feed is processed, it is more convenient for the feeding of chickens, improves nutritional value; improves flavor and margin, and reduce costs. Typically, the grain is large, the lesser is solid seed, cakes and hay, dried leaves, etc. are directly used to feed chicken, which is not conducive to the digestion of chickens, should be smashed or grinded before it can be used, but can not crush Or grind over fine. Beans, potatoes, valley (for feeding duck) and animal feed (such as rawfish, etc.) After cooking, it can increase the right level, easy to digest, and can kill harmful bacteria. However, the feed cooking time is too long, the protein is solidified is not easy to digest, and vitamins are damaged, but the nutritional value is reduced. Therefore, whether it is cooked to see the specific situation. Cottonseed cakes can be covered with a closed pot, cook until the cottonseed cake turns brown, squeezing moisture, and achieves the purpose of detoxification. The raped cake can make a fragrance by roasting, feed the scent to promote the appetite of the chicken, while the bacteria in the feed is killed. Roast-fried raped cake, blacklin and white mustar, thereby increasing the value of raped cake. Valley real estate feed or particle complex, heat 1-2 minutes in high temperature air at 160-187 ¡ã C, allowing the inner moisture of the grain to the evaporation point, so that the cereal feed is expanded, the volume is 30% -40% compared to the original, Then crushed the chicken. There is a test report, and the puffed feed feeding chicks can improve feed utilization. After soaking over the valley, the temperature is 20-27 ¡ã C, where the light is dark, the starch gum, the protein, and soluble B vitamin content can be increased, and there is an improvement in premise. It is said that the sprouting barley in winter can increase the egg rate of 10% -12%. There is a test report, and the ordinary sorghum lack of lysine is 3-4 days in a 30 ¡ã C environment, and the beams of lysine, methionine, and tryptophan are increased by 2.2, 1.8 and 5.7 ti prior to gender. It is generally considered that the feed can increase the nutritional value after fermentation, but there is a test that the organic substances in the fermentation have lost 11% -25%. Green vegetables, roots, stems and melon feeds, feeding, easy to eat and digest.

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