Multi-layer circular vibration dryer rational application in puffed feed processing

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Drying is one of the most important processes of puffed feed processing. The moisture of feed particles just extruded from the duffling machine is high, reaching more than 22%, must be supported by the drying equipment to remove more than 10% of the water and then cool, to ensure the quality of qualified product. Currently, the co-drying equipment in do tic puffed machine feed processing is multi-conveyor belt and a chain plate tank dryer. This type of equipment is a horizontal structure, covers an area, high cost, most new plant still relying on imports. At the same time, there is still a high power consumption of the strength of the strength of the fan, the tonnage steam consumption is more than 500kg, as well as screening (net) hole clogging, and significantly increase the processing cost of puffed feed, affecting its promotion. In order to change this situation, the author has been applied in agricultural products in the past ten years, and has achieved good results and has high-efficiency and energy sng characteristics. Attempts are applied to puffed feed processing, received better Effect. This article proposes some coarse views on the design problems in the reasonable application of the equipment, for peers reference. 1. The composition of the drying system puts a multi-layer circular vacuum dryer on the puffed feed processing, the drying system is used by multi-layer circular vibration dryer, a wind gate, a steam heat exchanger, a blower, a guide fan, a cyclone dust collector And the closure, etc., see Figure 1. The technical critical design of this system is, one is reasonable design of the principle of multilayer round vibration dryer structure, and the other is reasonable choice for drying wind network parameters. 2. Basic structure and principle of dryer, existing multi-layer circular vibration dryer generally have feed port, top cover, exhaust gas exit, multi-layer dry bed, hot air import, discharge port, excitation plate, vibration river spring , Excitation motors and racks composition. Multi-layer drying bed consists of inner, outer short cylinders, cyclic horizontal sieve plates, and tap plates. Each ring-shaped horizontal screen plate has a discharge port, and when the inner outer e flange of each layer is connected, the upper and lower layer disconnect port positions, so that the material of the previous layer can fall into the next layer. Imports, the material to be drying is reached from the top layer until the bottom is discharged. At prnt, there is a series of products in China, and the bed diameter is 1.0 ~ 2.0m. It is generally 5 layers. Its production is different from the series number, material varieties and moisture. There are 100kg / h to 2000kg / h. Wait. When the device is working, the interleave is used to simultaneously rotate in the middle of the two excitation motors of the main unit, so that the multilayer round vibration drying bed disposed thereon produces an upward vibration force and the center of the drying dry bed. Rotate torque, forced into the material of the feed port, in the top of the top screen, the needle, the needle, the upper layer, the upper layer, is the next layer of the feed port, so that moves layer layer, drops, Until the bottom layer. In the process of jumping from top to bottom, the hot air reaches the intermediate inner cylinder space, the hot air reaches the intermediate inner cylinder space, and the opening of the upper two-layer inner cylinder wall is accessed, and the material is perpendicular to the material. Fully contacted with material and damp heat exchange, after exchange of moisture, the exhaust air outlet is disposed on the top cover, and the drying process of the material is completed. Due to the strong role of vibration,Hot air can be fully contacted with the material of the jumping movement, the wet heat exchange is accelerated, the drying effect is better, electricity, and low heat energy consumption, which is the greatest advantage of this type of equipment. 3. Dryer Structure Improvement Design A multi-layer circular vibrating dryer for puffed feed drying tasks, which is different from equipment structures generally used for single material drying applications. There are many puffed feed varieties, and the particle size is also different due to the variety of fish, and the particles are 1 ~ 24mm, and the particle size is very different. Therefore, it is necessary to strengthen the production of large particles. The equipment is drying, and it is also necessary to avoid excess drying and blowing of small particle products. In addition, it is necessary to avoid the product residual ing and pollution when the product is converted, and the appearance quality of the product is affected. According to the structure and principle of multi-layer circular vibration dryer, it is necessary to apply it to the process of puffed feed, and must solve the equipment to accommodate different varieties and particle size production (ie drying capabilities), hot air distribution, machine Residual and dry uniformity, etc., do more, easy to use and energy sng. To this end, the author is primarily considered in the application design. 3.1 Yield matching and hot fan distribution problem Do tic existing largest multi-layer circular vibration dryer bed is 2.0 meters, 5 floors, and the production is about 20kg. This dryer equipment should be equipped with a company SEP-200 wet milder in Taiwan, when the production of 2T-3T, the discharge particle water is more than 22%. According to the decided parameters such as drying heat, air volume, and dry layer area calculated, it is found that the production of the company’s original set of chain box dryers is discovered, and the output is small, and the hot air passages. The wind speed is too large, which will affect the normal failure of the material in the material. To this end, the author expands the existing dryer diameter from 2 cm to 2.2cm, and the bed is increased from 5 to the 9th floor to effectively solve the problem of small matches of the production of the equipment. In addition, it is changed to three thermal air ports on the 1, 2-layer inner cylindrical wall of the lower top number to three, respectively, in the first, 5, 9 layer inner cylinder wall; The single-layer exhaust gas outlet on the top (i.e., the 9th floor) cover is changed to 2, respectively, respectively, on the outer cylinder wall of the third, and 7. In this way, the hot air entering into the inner cylinder is divided into four: one is from the first layer into the exhaust port, pass through the second, 3-layer screening plate, the material layer, is discharged from the third layer of exhaust port, the third is from 5th After entering the top 6, 7-layer screening plate, after the material layer, the layer is discharged from the 7th floor exhaust port; four is from the 9th floor into the exhaust, pass through the 9th, 8th floor screen, the material layer It is discharged from the 7th floor exhaust port, so that the heat of the hot air is substantially consistent, thereby greatly reduces the hot air wind speed of the layer to be drying, so that the drying wind speed drops to the minimum expandable feed particles. Spend. However, there is a problem that the drying wind speed is too high and the problem of small particles is blown, and the hot air utilization is significantly improved, and the energy consumption is reduced. A simplified diagram of the improved multi-layer circular vibration dryer is shown in Figure 2. [NextPage] 3.2 The problem of residual problems in the machine is currently in ChinaMulti-layer circular vibration dryer is a horizontal ring structure for making the manufacturing simple and convenient manufacturing. Since the capacity of the puffed feed is small, the product is 0.28-0.34T / m3, and there is a difference in the shape of the same variety feed particles, plus the secondary vibration of the sieve plate, and the puffed feed is prnt in the production of the product. A small amount of feed remains in the machine, it is difficult to inquire, resulting in the growth of the feed conversion time, and the first variety of about 15-20 kg material is discharged by the first variety of about 15-20 kg material, and re-expanded, thereby affecting yield and quality. Therefore, reasonable design screen binding constitutes an important issue that this device can apply to the formation of puffed feed processing. We design the multi-layer horizontal ring screens to a spiral surface of 1.5 ¡ã, thereby eliminating the problem of residual problems in the process of this type of equipment. 3.3 Affecting the production of large particle puffed feed drying quality and uniformity of do tic multi-layer circular vibration dryer working hours Inherent working hours: First, the thickness of the drying material of the bed gradually thinned from top to bottom, so that the particles are The residence time of the machine is shortened, and it is easy to cause the feed port. Second, the bed in the bed is different along the path (ie, the perimeter) of different circumferential trajectories, and there is a difference in exercise time. The inner ring is slow, layer layer Overlay, making the residence time of the material in the machine vary greatly from different circumferential traces, thereby affecting the quality and uniformity of material drying. In the prototype test, we found that th defects have particularly serious effects on the quality and uniformity of large particulate puffed feed. To this end, we have a ted the following two improvements: First, improve the top floor (ie, 9th floor) and the 8th layer, the structure of the discharge port, put the original from the feed port to the top of the top layer The puffed particles are uniformly dropped into the second road to the 8th and 9-layer feed ports, and the two-thin bed strong drying effect is rapidly hardened, which has only reduced the high humidity puffed feed of the just outward. Deformation, improved the quality of the product, and improve the fluidity of the wet particles in the beginning of the machine, avoiding the problem of blockage of the feed port. After the two-thin bed drying feed reaches the discharge port, it is collected to the 7th floor, whereby the layer layer layer is lowered, and the thickness of the material layer of the subsequent drying bed is significantly increased, and the residence time of the feed in the machine is increased. The second is to change the position of 1 to 7 layers of drying bed, put the 1 to 7 layers drying the bed out of the outer ring of the screen plate, and take half of the drying bed, while the inner movement The material is introduced into the outer discharge port by a slant plate, so that the material of the internal and outer parts is mixed at the discharge opening, while the slant plate also blocks the inner ring, thereby solving the inherent defective baking of the equipment. Problem of Dry Quality and Dry Unexpected Adverse Impact. 4. Dry Wind Network Parameter Selection Dry Wind Network Parameter Selection The selection should be calculated by repeated drying parameters, determine the required drying calories, air volume, in order to choose the appropriate steam heat exchanger, blower and air machine models are SRZ12X7D, respectively. , 4? 72? 6d and 4? 72? 8c. It should be pointed out that the front, the secondary series of wind turbines must match, choose, the post-stage air blower mustIn order to make the dryer in the dryer, the dryer can produce a large and slight negative pressure in the export, avoid dust flying, but also ensures that the highly puffed high humid feed has sufficient cold wind, so that the feed granules epidermisQuickly hardened and reduce particle deformation.In addition, a crushed problem can also be avoided in a conventional dryer import and export.5. The actual application effect is based on the multilayer round vibration dryer designed by the above scheme. In April 1999, in April 2001, in Shunde’s two puffed feed mills, respectively, more than a year, the actual production assessment certificate,Multi-layer circular vibrating dryer has three advantages in the puffed feed processing applications: First, energy sng, making the production cost of the puffed feed significantly reduced, it is measured, tonna fuel consumption, power consumption is lower than the chain plate dryer% Or more; the second is to dry the quality, good shape, deeply welcomed by farmers; three is to save investment costs, reduce the equipment investment of drying systems, and the equipment is flexible, convenient, easy to use, and reliable workLow failure rate.

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