my country’s dairy packaging calls new materials

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Eating deterioration, variability dairy products not only seriously damage the interests of consumers, but also seriously threaten the health of consumers.

There are many reasons why dairy variants, and the reason for measuring, from packaging, it is important for a plastic composite film, bag, and its oxygen performance is far from demanding. . Over the years, my country has been used in the plastic composite film for dairy packaging, and the anegant performance of the bag has never been unified, and the implementation is extremely chaotic, and the problem is natural. In order to reduce packaging costs, pursue profits, many small businesses are used in a common composite film that is extremely poorly resistant to the need for sterile treatment, which requires a dairy packaging for long shelf life. The results will naturally continue to occur in the milk product deterioration, and the quality of the taste is natural.

In order to meet the market access of the goods such as dairy, beverages, protect consumers’ safety and health; provide scientific and reliable technical basis for related enterprises, inspection, supervision and certification; giving production enterprises in packaging dairy There is a chapter in the drink, but also the national standards of the “liquid food packaging plastic composite film

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