New feed drying equipment and drying methods

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Introduce several new feed drying equipment and methods for your reference.

1. The purpose and method of drying drying The purpose of drying drying is to remove excess moisture in the feed raw material to facilitate packaging, transportation, storage, processing and use. There are many ways to classify the dryer, and the structure is different from the structure of the dryer. Commonly used dryers are: spray dryer, fluidized bed dryer, airflow dryer, rotary cylinder dryer, drum dryer, infrared dryer, high Frequent drying machine, etc.

2. New dryer

(1) Spiral flash dryer: The spiral flash dryer is mainly composed of a feeder, a drying chamber, a cyclone separator, and a bag collector. The dried material is from the feeder into the drying chamber, and the hot air enters the drying chamber in the tangent direction, and flows upward in the drying chamber at a high speed rotation, and the material is sufficiently contacted so that the material is in a stable balanced fluidization state, in the drying indoor agitator Under the common action of the impact and high speed rotating airflow, the material block is dispersed into an irregular particulate shape, a larger unspeakable material to the chamber wall, and the lower portion of the drying chamber is repeated due to its large settlement speed. Process. As the material dispersion and the mutual impact of the material, the particles of the material block have moved toward the drying chamber gas rotation axis, which is discharged from the gas stream to the material collector, thereby obtaining a very uniformity of particle size and dryness. product. The outstanding advantages of this dryer are high drying efficiency, low energy consumption, uniform product drying, compact structure, and pulverizing the drying and drying. Suitable for dry viscous, paste, powdered, filter cakes. In the feed industry, it can be used to dry blood powder, bone powder, fishmeal, protein paste, dirt, etc.

(2) Spiral Vibration Dryer: The machine consists of inner and outer cylinders, annular orifice plates, vibration sources, and the like. When two vibrating motors, the motor is rotated, and the exciting force of the vertical direction and the exciting force counted by the vertical axis are generated, thereby making the drying body to do the straight line vibration in the vertical direction and the torsional vibration of the lead vertical centerline. The synthesis of the two vibrations makes the material along the horizontal annular hole plate from the top to continuously jumping. The drying medium is blown into the drying cylinder by the blower by the blower, from bottom to pass through each layer plate, through the material layer. Since the material is constantly throwing, it can avoid both the material adhesion spiral groove surface, and greatly increase the contact area of u200bu200bthe material and the drying medium, thereby strengthening the heat transfer and mass transfer process of the material and the drying medium. The advantages of a spiral vibrating dryer are energy saving, and there is a wide range of materials, and the quality of dry products is good, and the production efficiency is high. Suitable for drying various granular, powdered, block, sheet-like materials. In the feed industry, the dryer can be used to dry fish shrimp bait, a variety of additives, alcohol, starch slag, plant protein, etc.

(3) Rotular dryer: The spiral dryer belongs to the sequence dryer. The material is input into the rotary roller in the feeder, which is attached to the tubular feeder.Under the top tribe, the blade whose material is rotated by the high-speed, so that it moves to the exit. At the same time, the hot air generated by the combustion furnace is fully contacted with material, so that the material is quickly dried, then The conveyor is discharged. Since the dryer built into a broken blade, the material enters the dryer is immediately dispersed, especially if there is a certain viscous material being broken into small pieces from the large group to a small piece, bringing out a portion of the moisture, so that the same hot air is sufficient Accelerate the drying speed. The dryer is characterized by a large heat transfer coefficient, high thermal efficiency, and the product oxidation is small, and the amount of treatment is large. Suitable for drying various particulate, small pieces, sheet-like high wet materials. In the feed industry, the machine can be used to dry chicken boar feces, pastures, and slag, etc.

(1) Vacuum freeze drying: vacuum freeze drying uses refrigeration equipment to freeze the material to solid state, and then reduce the solid ice directly subjected to a gaseous Water steam to achieve drying purposes. The frozen drying has many advantages: 1 low pressure under low pressure, inhibits some cellular viability; 2 The thermal ingredients in the material are retained, and the original ingredients in the material can be reserved; 3 prefreeze to form a skeleton After drying, it can maintain the original shape of the material, form a multi-microporous structure; 4 have a good water, and can be quickly absorbed, and the quality is basically the same as before drying. The freeze-dried application range is very wide, but the cost is relatively high, so it is necessary to consider economic benefits when choosing freezing and drying, and cannot be blindly adopted. At present, vacuum freeze drying technology is mainly used in food, pharmaceutical, and feed additives.

(2) Overheat steam drying: superheated steam drying technology is an emerging energy-saving drying method, which is a drying method that is directly in contact with the wet material with a wet material. The superheated drying technology has the advantages of high heat transfer factor, small mass transfer resistance, high thermal efficiency, low unit energy consumption, low steam, and risk of steam, and is beneficial to protect the environment and have sterilization. However, the drying of overheated steam also has a certain range of applications, which is not suitable for drying thermal materials. If the recovery is unfavorable, the energy saving effect will be greatly affected, and the cost is also relatively high. In the feed industry, superheated steam drying technology can be applied to drill, pasta, fish bone and fish.

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