New technology and application of extrusion puff

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Summary The article introduces a new progress in the extrusion of food industry and the feed industry. Using emphasis technology is an effective method of improving the production of extruder, proposing the steady current shear technology and discharge process of the extrusion process, and optimizes the extrusion process parameters through the combination of modular screws. Rarch progress in supercritical carbon dioxide extrusion puffing technology in the food industry. Key words squeezing; emphasis; steady flow; modularization; supercritical diagram Classification number S817.12 + 4 extrusion puffed technology is currently more extensive applications in the food industry and feed industry. In recent years, some new technologies in the extruded infusion are constantly emerging, and the application of th new technologies has made long-term development in various aspects of efficiency, energy consumption, reliability, and processing products. 1 High-famished emphasis on the material material needs to be tested before entering the extruder. The purpose of the tuning is to pre-implicit the material, and the quality of gelatin is directly affected by the working performance of the extruder, the quality of the product. So the tuning is an important key technology for the extrusion system. Ordinary tuning technology is simply mixing materials with water, steam. Simple mixing does not allow water and heat to penetrate into materials; The gelation of the internal particles is improved. This is now necessary to need more steam, longer to improve the tuning effect. High-famished emphasis technology is no longer a simple mixing, emphasizing the relative motion and penetration of heat transfer and mass transfer during the conditioning process. The permeation rate of heat transfer and mass transfer depends on factors such as the temperature gradient of the steam and the intraceratum layer and the interface layer, the speed gradient, the humidity gradient, the material properties (density, particle size, water content). The high-speed tension increases the temperature gradient, speed gradient, and humidity gradient, thereby improving the tuning effect. High-famished emphasis technology sets a component of the functional paddle, allowing material and mass transfer to form a certain relative movement speed in the body, form a strong contact, strong infiltration, reduce the injection time, reduce the amount of vapor. At the same time, since the material is not all settled at the bottom of the housing during the conditioning, there is a portion of the material suspended inside the housing, thus further improving the filling of the material in the regulator housing, thereby extending the conditioning time. High-famished emphasis technology increases the tunmer’s fullness by 30% to 35% to 55% to 60%, for the same effective volume, the tuning time can be used by the original 40 in the premise of the same yield. ~ 45 S is raised to 180 ~ 200 s, the genus is increased from the original 35% to 40% to 50% to 55%, and the energy consumption is reduced by about 20%. Since the material is emphasized, the new technology can increase the output of 10% to 15% compared to ordinary tuning, the extruder production can reduce the energy consumption of the extruder; the increase in material prefasification The extruder is operated smoothly, significantly reduces the screw, puffedThe wear of the inner bushing reduces the cost of replacing the lossless parts, thereby achieving energy sng and efficient green injection molding effects in extrusion puffed techniques. 2 Steady-state shear extrusion technique [NextPage] 2. The steady flow of the extrusion process and the steady-state shear technology extrusion process is the most core process in the extrusion of the puffed equipment. From the perspective of lifting efficiency and reduction, the R D staff of Shepherd extruded the logistics in the extrusion chamber facilitates improving the quality of extruded product, while proposing the theory of steady-state shear, and then passed the test Verified this theory. The application of this theory can effectively increase the production of extruder, reduce energy consumption, reduce the wear of the screw and the cty, and improve the quality of the extruded product. At the same time, the technology is used to extend the processing range of the puffed product, so that the single-screw extrusion function can process 1.0 mm small particles, and even the processing smaller particles, and can be produced for long periods of time. 2.1.1 Survival flow technique during extrusion due to the prnce of pressure difference during extrusion, as shown in Fig. 1, where the prnce of the prnce, the prnce of the existence of the material The impact is the biggest impact. The leakage and miscible stream in the extruded chamber and the flow of the stream are greatly different in the residence time of the extruded cty, which directly causes the dioxane between the feed or food in extrusion, and ultimately affects Extruded product quality, such as uneven particles, and inconsistent with the degree of gelation. In the new technology, through the configuration of the screw, the screw and the extrusion of the “zero”” gap are designed

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