Nine-three grain oil soy phospholipid processing technology fills domestic gap

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Production of soy powder phospholipids in supercritical carbon dioxide extraction, can achieve solvent-free residue, natural and environmentally friendly. This technology of Jiu San Grain and Oil Industry Group Co., Ltd. not only fills the processing of domestic soybean products, but also explores new development directions for the deep processing of agricultural and sideline products in the future.

As far as, as a recognized natural food additive and nutrients at home and abroad, soy phospholipids are the only natural emulsifier that does not require special provisions of the human body to allow intake of intake, can also be used as the activity of various diseases. Components and conditioning agents for the preparation of various pharmaceutical preparations. In 2007, Jiu San Grain and oil undertake the national agricultural comprehensive development project, began to develop soy phospholipid related products with colleges and universities in Henan University of Technology. At present, the Jiu San Grain and Oil Group has a total of 5 concentrated phospholipid production lines, an annual production of soy phospholipids 30,000 tons. According to reports, the key technology and industrial development of soybean phospholipid production in Jiu San Grain and oil has produced innovative innovation of soybean powder phospholipids with supercritical carbon dioxide extraction, and won the second prize of the 2010 National Science and Technology Progress Award.

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