One moisture regulation of improvement of particle quality taken

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One way to improve particle quality, improve feed moisture content 1, directly add water (water or ripe) directly to add water to improve the product moisture is not feasible. (1) Although solid anti-mildew in the feed production, due to its unevenness in feed production, it is uniform, and is separated from the water, only the surface of the feed particles, Easy mildew. (2) Direct water, the water recovery rate is only about 30%. To add 1% moisture in the finished product, it is necessary to add water 30 mdash; 40kg, the feed beco excessive moist. Over-wet powder absorption of steam is reduced, which may cause the temperature of the temperature to reduce the temperature, which is not conducive to gelatinization. (3) The amount of water is too high, causing the powder moisture to be too high, and may cause the plug of the ring mold and the slippery slip, the energy required for granulation is increased, and the yield decreases. the water directly added to the water is free water, and free water is the main reason for the migration of feed mold and moisture. 2, Steam Regulating Water Service Animal Husband is not feasible. Service Livestock (1) Adjusting the pellet moisture by steam, it can be achieved by increasing the boiler water level, reducing water valve sensitivity. (2) Increase the water content of the steam, the steam temperature is naturally lowered, the vapor quality is poor, affecting the quality and starch density. (3) The water control is limited, and it is difficult to increase by 1%. How much water is increased is not easy to control. most of the water added in the (4) striped strip is free water, which is easy to migrate to the surface of the feed particles. (5) Water distribution may not be uniform, easy to become. (6) Short water supply time, as the storage time is prolonged, the water evaporation is large. Service Livestock 3 Easy mildew. (2) Short water supply time, with storage time, moisture evaporation loss big service livestock (3) Easy sugar heart particles Increase the risk of feed mildew. (4) The temperature is high in the feed package, and the moisture migration is prone when storage, and mildew. Serving Livestock 4 Information Network (2) Feed Mildew Risk Through – (3) Feed Storage Safety Benefied Uncontrollable – we must not only add water in, keep it, but also to minimize the rise in water caused by adding water, reduce mildew risks !!!! Second, it is recommended to use liquid feed anti-mildew in the safe water to regulate 1, need to pay attention to (1) Main ingredient: Propionic acid, ammonium propionate and moisture emulsifier (storage safety and moisture) At prnt, liquid feed anti-mold in the market is mostly propionic acid and ammonium propionate as an active ingredient. The propionate (ammonium propionate, sodium propionate, calcium propionate) does not have direct anti-mold effect, and must be dissociated into free propionic acid to play anti-mold effects. Ammonium propionate is compared to calcium propionate, sodium propionate has a better dissociation effect, which can be quickly decomposed in the case where the propionic acid content is insufficient, to achieve the concentration of propionic acid required to mildew. (2) Water Emulsifier Selection Various manufacturers have different manufacturers, the main purpose is to convert the free water they need to combine water, reaching the increase of water does not increase mildew risk. Purpose. (3) The moisture emulsifier also has penetration, and can penetrate through material matrix micropores, and lock the feed moisture. 2, Volatile (Storage Finished Product Weight) Fabric Feminics Products, Excellent Products will take into account the mildew The volatility of the agent requires that the liquid antifromeller system should be stabilized, and the high temperature and cooling process can be resistant to the modulation of the feed to ensure that the particulate finished product contains a sufficient amount of antimoderans, while ensuring migration of moisture in the feed storage period. Volatilize and reduce weight loss. Serving Livestock 3Feed, service livestock, so you must pay attention to the following questions: (1) Advancement of the equipment! (2) SprayApparatus atomization! (3) Safety of Spraying Equipment! (4) Sprinkle equipment! China FeedIndustry Information Network Serving Livestock 4, Liquid Anti-Mold Industry Case Analysis (1) A Feed Factory Using Liquid Feed Feminols Test results China FeedIndustry information network (2) a feed factory uses liquid feed anti-alifle product rate test results

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