Optional and installation of small feed processing units

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The so-called small feed processing unit, which mainly includes three parts: pulverizer, hoist, mixer mixer. Its optional and installation techniques are as follows:
1. The pulverizer is the most commonly used feed processing machinery. At present, there is a main hammer pulverizer and roller mill. The pulverizer can be pulverized into particles having different sizes according to various fed requirements. Due to the different models of the machine, the amount of processing per hour is also different, and the motor model used is also different. You can purchase according to the scale of breeding. Generally, the chicken plant should purchase two, one use, – stand.
2, the mixer mixer is usually divided into two conventional feed mixers and additive mixers. Conventional feed mixers have two types of vertical and horizontal. The vertical mixer is generally 15 divisions – 20 minutes, and the horizontal machine is 10 minutes, stirring is stirred in batches. The advantages of the vertical mixer are mixed uniform, with less power consumption, and the disadvantage is that the mixed time is long, the productivity is low, the charge is not sufficient. The main working components of the horizontal mixer are agitating the blade, and the blade is divided into two layers of inside and outside, and their helical direction is opposite. The blade is stirred in the operation, so that two layers of feed in the inside and outside are relatively moved to achieve the purpose of mixing. The advantages of the horizontal mixer are high efficiency, packaging, and disadvantage that the power consumption is large, the area is large, and the price is also high, so generally less.
3, the hoist hoist is divided into two types of bucket hoist and spiral hoisting machine, which generally uses a spiral hoist.
Again to the installation of small feed processing units. The installation sequence of mounting feed processing units is generally mounted first, and the motor and drive belt are mounted. The mixer is mounted next to the pulverizer, allowing the discharge port of the pulverizer to the feed port of the mixer. The enhancer can be connected to the import of the pit and the crusher.
When processing, the main raw material is puddled, and the lifter will increase the raw material to the pulverizer, then enter the mixer of the mixer, other raw materials can be directly inserted by the feed port.

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