Particle Feed Feed Quality and Formulation Difference Issues and Solutions

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The quality of particle feed products is the basis of the healthy development of the feed industry, directly related to the production benefits of the aquaculture, the credibility of the user, and the feed factory. At the same time, the stability of the feed product is also an important guarantee for the development of feed industries and animal husbandry. However, there is a problem in the quality of finished product and formulation design in particulate feed production. To this end, it should first analyze the factors affecting the quality of granules, and then find out the effective solution. 1 Influence of the quality of feed raw materials, the material is the basis of the quality of feed. The feed mills come from all directions, even the same raw materials, due to the maturity, processing methods, climatic conditions, and moisture due to the same raw materials. Different in content, mildew, etc., the nutrient content is also very different. Especially in the season of feed raw materials, the varieties are more common, poor quality, and have a serious problem. In this case, it is necessary to pay attention to the analysis of raw materials, accumulating the common raw material data, performing the finished product test, identify the difference and regularity of raw materials. In addition, the storage time of the raw material will also affect its nutritional value, with the problem of the additive premixed material more prominent. If the stability of additives is poor, it will quickly fail under ultrolet and oxidation. Vitamin is easily oxidized, sulfate is easy to absorb the moisture and the like. 2 The accurateness of the ingredie affects the quality of the finished product. When the formula is designed, the accuracy generally reaches two after the decimal point, and this level is not reached in the actual production. The ingredient metering equipment of the feed mill is the key to the accurate implementation of the formula design. It is a key to the premium design of various raw material ingredie when computer control ingredie. 3 The mixing uniformity affects the mixing uniformity is an important quality indicator, which means that the actual composition of each diet of the product and even the food and the formation of the formula is consistent. Among them, the premixing is very different from the physical properties of the trace component, and the amount of some compone is added and less, it is more difficult to ensure uniform distribution. Factors affecting mixing uniformity mainly include the following three aspects: 3.1 Equipment: Equipment is simple, performance is poor or mixed equipment, will affect mixing uniformity 3.2 powder particle physical properties, modern mixed feed is a product containing a variety of different ingredie Many ingredie differ in particle size, shape, specific grty, and additional levels, which affect mixing uniformity. 3.1 Operating conditions: including the mixing ratios of each of the mixed materials, load coefficie (the amount of mixing exceeds the design amount will seriously affect mixing uniformity), feed mode, feed order, feed speed, mixer speed and mixing time, etc. The degree has an impact. 4 Grinding effects Due to the high temperature and high pressure in the granulation, the nutrie in the feed will be different degrees, especially for the destruction of vitamins and enzyme preparations, and the addition of granulation of steam and water usually makes it partially decomposed. And the enzyme preparation fails. 5 The impact of the finished moisture is high, which can cause a relatively decrease in various nutrient content, and the moisture is too high to increase the decomposition of vitamins. Total water decisionThe amount of water containing the powder and steam is added, and the amount of water consisting of different raw materials is relatively large, and the particle size of the particulate feed is relatively large, the particle size of the particle feed is required to require the cooling time, ventilation amount and the like. Also, if the working state of the cooling air-dried system is constant, it will lead to the difference in water content of the final product. The packaging is the last process of determining the water of the finished product. Due to the heat of the ambient temperature and mechanical transmission, the heat transfer is different. Batch feed is different, so when the material temperature is too high, the moisture also increases. 6 Static electricity In the feed process, the material is adhered to the device due to the electrostatic electricity of the friction, and is mixed into other materials, resulting in cross-contamination. In particular, several micro compone are more affected by static electricity. 7 Sampling, the effects of testing are not properly sampling, and the analysis error will increase. Analytical error is one of the factors affecting the quality of feed finished products. The analysis value is too high or too low will cause corresponding to the corresponding value or low. Different chemicals are determined by the same as the same sample, and its measurement value will also have a lot difference, which is the result of the technical level of the test personnel, the quality of testing equipment. How to eliminate or minimize the differences in finished quality and recipes? I think it can be considered from the following aspects: 1. Establish strict raw material inspection system, perform sensory test and nutrient analysis of all in-warehouse raw materials, Time-long raw materials also have regular samples (generally once a month, high temperature and high wet season half a month). Additives (especially vitamins to be stored in storage conditions, low temperature, dry, and ventilated warehouse and minus storage time) to add certain “safety amou”” according to the length of the storage time and the loss during processing. The formula should be adjusted in time according to the detection of the raw material

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