Particle feed grease spray technology

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Add an appropriate amount of animal and vegetable oil in the feed, which can not only improve the energy level of the feed, but also improve the appearance quality of the particulate feed. The link to which the oil in the feed can be placed before the granulation and the granulation; the amount of the added amount of the particles generally does not exceed 3% of the production amount, otherwise the granulation will result in a problem such as granulation after granulation, and is not largely suitable for puffed feed The production process, but the equipment is low; after granulation, the particulate feed is surface treatment (ie, grease spray), and the maximum amount of addition can reach 8%, solving the impact of adding oil on the solidity of particle feed, directly improved The productivity is more suitable for the production of puffed feed, but the requireme for equipment and use are high. – Basic Structure, Basic Requireme and Working Principles of Grease Spraying – Basic Structure (Figure). There are two main forms of particulate feed oil spraying: one is to spray the extruded particles, and the other is sprayed after granular granulation. However, two forms are consistent in oil supply and electronically controlled parts. Spraying Machine is mainly composed of self-controlled oil storage tanks, crude filters, control valves, compressed air, high pressure steam and controllers. The liquid level, thermostat, heating member, and agitator of the self-controlled storage tank are mainly used to heat the fat to 60-80 ¡ã C as soon as possible to reduce the viscosity of the oil, facilitate flow and material absorption. The crude filter preve impurities from blocking oil, allowing all types of valves, meter and nozzles, and the like. Compressed air or high pressure steam is mainly used to simulate oil fat, so that the grease can be sprayed in a mist in the form of a material to achieve a uniform spraying effect. Spray controller is a key component that automatically adjusts and shows the size of the grease flow, and has a function of accumulating, deficit alarm and flow deviation alarm. In addition to the above, the heating of the oil passage is indispensable, and it is indispensable, which can melt the residual grease of the conduit as soon as possible and keep the grease during the system use. 2. Basic Requireme (1) The control compone should be reliable in the pipeline, no oil, leak steam, etc. Phenomenon. (2) Oil Road and Steam Road Should ensure a certain working pressure, typically 0.2-0.5MPa. (3) Pipes must be equipped with a crude filter, for filtering impurities, prevent clogging of the nozzle, and contains the detection device, detecting the accuracy and reliability of the spray amount sex. (4) The oil storage tank and the injection site should be equipped with a heating device, and the pipe should be provided with an insulation insulating material to prevent oil. (5) should have a high degree of automation, so that the grease spray amount can beThe amount of feed the spray machine changes, thereby ensuring the correctness of the grease spray amount. (6) The spray rate of the oil sprayer should be set according to the needs of the user. (7) Should ensure that the width range of the sprayed grease sprayed from the nozzle can even cover the material flow through the route, reduce the waste of grease. 3. Working Principle Serving Livestock When Grease From the oil tank or oil barrel into the oil storage tank, heating e by steam Automatic temperature rise to 60-80 ¡ã C, in this process, the pipe is also heated to a predetermined temperature (the tank must be equipped with a stirrer to heat the overall heating of the oil and ensure the accuracy of the temperature, and the temperature can be adjusted according to the viscosity of the grease) . When it is determined that the oil is unblocked, it can be sprayed. When spraying, the oil is accelerated, the one-way valve, and the fine filter enters the solenoid valve, and under the action of compressed air, it is sprayed on the surface of the particles. The spray amount is sent to the programmable controller through the elliptical gear flow transmitter. The speed of the speed control pump is automatically adjusted, and the flow rate is changed, and the actual spray amount reaches a predetermined value.

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