Pig feed with crop straw leaves

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Some crops of straw leaves are excellent pig feed. Used to feed pigs, not only nutritious, pig love, but also save money, reduce cost of pig. The straw leaves of crops that can be used to feed pigs are: Serving Animaloni Flower Blossom Pans, Take off Sunflower Seeds. In the past, when people got sunflowers, they often rely on the sunflower seeds, as the sunflower pan is burned as the fuel. In fact, this is a pity, because the sunflower flop can feed the pig after processing. Service Animalum Pasta Glue 2.4% ~ 3%, ash 10.1%, the content of crude protein and nitrogen-free leaching, can be compared with food. The aroma contained in the sunflower dish can make pigs increase appetite. The sun is dried under the sun, torn into small pieces with hand, then put it into the pulverizer, you can make sunflower powder. Feed pigs with this sunflower powder, the nutritional value per 100 kilograms, can be equivalent to 60 ~ 66 kg corn or 70 ~ 80 kg barley and other fine feed. is contained in the sunflower plate contains a large amount of calcium and more fructose, so it is suitable for feeding piglets and sows. Feeding meat pigs can promote growth. Therefore, when the peasa have harvested sunflowers, they must leave the sunflower plate to make pig feed, and cannot waste. potato vine in sweet potato harvest season, will produce a lot of sweet potato vine. If th sweet potato vines are dried, pulverized with a crusher into the strain, and then feed the pig after saccharification, become a good feed of pigs. the service animal animal husbandry potato vine is more starch, and it also contains crude protein, crude fiber, mineral and vitamin, etc., is high quality crude feed. At prnt, many pigs have added their pigs to feed their pigs. Although it can save conservation, reduce the cost of pig pigs, but the utilization rate is low, and the appropriate is poor. if the animal husbandry is treated with sweet potato coat powder, after converting the starch into maltose, it can improve the utilization and improve the margin. for Sweet Potato Rati Powder is: Put the pulverized sweet potato vine powder into the clean wooden barrel or cylinder, pour 2 to 2.5 ti 80 ¡ã C – The hot water at 90 ¡ã C and stirred into a deceleration; then cover the wooden cover, does not allow the in the barrel or in the cylinder to fall between 55 ¡ã C to 60 ¡ã C; about 4 hours, sweet potato rattan powder It was saccharified. At this time, the sweet potato coat is yellow, sweet and delicious, can be used to feed pigs. Service Animal Husband In order to accelerate the sugar process of sweet potato coat powder, it can be added to the purple potato rattan powder to 2% of the rice potato rattan weight 2%. Sweet temperatureThe degree should not be too low, otherwise, the sweet potato coat is polluted, which will be acheved. To master the sugar, feed the pig, summer can be saccharified in the summer, feeding at noon, glycalized at noon, feed in the evening; even after winter, the sweet potato coat powder, storage time should not exceed 10 hours. serving the residual grapes of the livestock and grape grape grapes, instead of feeding pigs in corn, the effect is very good. s According to Scientific Determination, in the dry matter per kilogram of grades, 5.7 megawa, oxybone, 86 grams, crude protein, 13.2% The crude fiber 29.4%, calcium 0.67%, phosphorus 0.32%, and also contains a variety of vitamins and trace eleme. Compared with corn, 32 grams of digestible protein per kilogram, 3.7% of crude protein, 0.65% calcium, and 0.09% phosphorus, lysine is more than 1.57%. Therefore, in the case where the current corn is in short supply, the price is high, replacing the corn surface with inexpensive grapes, is indeed a good method. serving livestock with grape saffling pigs, it is best to make the grapefage into a grazable groove, and is processed, and then the corn is made into mixed feed. In the proportion of mixed feed, 10% -20%, if the proportion is large, you need to add an appropriate amount of green juicy feed. Serving Animalum Listed by Agriculture Farm, in the mixed feed, with a grape slag dry powder with about 15%, instead of corn flour to feed pigs, averaged 50 kg of corn per-column fever Reduce cost more than 20 yuan. 1/2 1 2 Next Last

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