Pig tree leaves processing modulation method

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Many leaves are rich in plant proteins and pig growth development, which can be used as pig feed. There are many leaves that can be used as pig feed in nature, including thorn foliage, poplar leaves, willow leaves, eucalyptus leaves, mulberry leaves, camphor leaves, pine needles, apple leaves, pear leaves, mountain planting leaves, apricot leaves, peach leaves, Grape leaves, persimmon leaves, jujube leaves, etc. In addition, the spurs, Yangshu flower is a good feed for feeding pigs. The leaves used as the feed are scientifically process modulation, which not only improves its right level, but also has a significant effect on improving the utilization, digestive rate and nutritional value of leaves. Several commonly used simple processing modulation methods of leaf feed are now introduced. After picking a more tender leaves, then use water, put it in the cylinder or cement pool, use 80% ~ 100% warm water, then put it in water for 2 hours to 4 hours, water use Generally, it is necessary to go to the apricot leaves, peach leaves, willow leaves and mulberry leaves, so that it takes off the bitter taste. After cutting the foamed leaf, you can mix the pig in the diet. The drying method dries or dries the picking leaves. After the crushing, it can be mixed directly into the feed. Such as hinger, mulberry leaves, poplar leaves and some fruit leaves, etc., feeding is generally 5% to 10% of total diet. The salted method was washed, chopped, poured into the cylinder or in the cement pool, and feed the salt according to the 5% dosage, and compromised at a layer of salt layer, salted. After the salt stain, the leaves are not easy to rot, with fresh fragrance, and it is good. The green silicon is first washed, chopped, drained, then loaded into the silage container, and if the water content in the leaves, 10% of the amount of ginger can be added, and the water content can be added. When small, artificial water injection adjustment can be carried out. The fermentation method first will pick the leaves or the collected autumn natural deciduous, and the processes are pulverized into trees. The two-kilogram of the old pasta with a proper amount of water, and then add 5 kg of corn noodles and 10 kg of rice bran, mix well, stirred into a deceived, allowed to ferment 24 hours. Then add 50 kg of the flour, 10 kg of alcohol, stir vigorously, the humidity is holding a group, and the hand is sewing the water beads should be, then loaded into the fermentation cylinder or the pool, followed by it. The cylinder (pool) mouth is covered with insulation, and the temperature is maintained at 30 ¡ã C to 50 ¡ã C, and it can be taken after fermentation of 48 hours.

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