Polated starch urea puffing processing technology

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Urea as an application of a wide range of ruminant proteins, special odors and the speed of release ammonia are too fast, low utilization rate, and large dangerous. Therefore, there should be an appropriate amount of, easy to decompose carbohydrates when using urea. The starch alpha-gelating starch is formed by mechanical effect using puffing techniques. It has strong water absorption and bonding, which not only diffuses urea, but also mixes other nutrie.
The method of processing of common non-protein nitrogen products has the following
straw ammonia to produce straw and urea with plastic bag method, cylinder method, stacking method, and ammonia. However, th methods volatilize some urea in the form of ammonia nitrogen, about 30%.
This method of urea licking is mainly afraid of rain, moist and cattle shear excessive poisoning.
The coated urea passes through special processes, and the particulate bag is made of urea with nutrie and wax substances. In addition, there is an urea concentrate method.
This article is a gelatinous starch with expanded method to achieve starch degeneration and coating of urea at a pressure of 120 ¡ã C to 170 ¡ã C, 2.5 MPa to 3.5 MPa, and. At the same time, the amino group of the starch is also reacted with the amino group of urea, and the formation of the complex is slowed down, and the degradation of the degradation energy is accelerated after the starch is accelerated, and the synthesis of the microbial protein can be promoted.
Feed and Precautions
The protein equivale of paste the gelatinthyl starch is more than 70%, and the repeated test of ruminant feeding is very good. Applying to cows can increase production of 25.23% milk, used for meat cattle over 36.35%, and have good application prospects in the herd animal animal breeding industry such as cattle.
Pastened starch urea can only feed youth and adult cattle sheep deer. Sweet lambs have not developed completely, lack of use of urea, can not feed; disease, rumina in the late pregnancy should not be fed; the seasons are not feeding them; for milk cows with milk production above 27.24 kg do not feed Hello, because the tumor stomas microbi is not as good as the synthetic bacterial protein. The ruminant is not able to drink water immediately after fiding starch, and the water absorption of urea is extremely absorbed. It is quickly absorbed after water, decomposes into ammonia, and a large amount of ammonia will cause ammonia poisoning, and even cause cattle and sheep death. Drinking water time should be suitable for half an hour after feeding urea.
Puffing and Process
Process: Raw Material – Crushing – Mixed – Puff – Cooling – Crushing – Packaging.
Raw materials and formulations:
The pulverization and mixing of the raw material The maize passes through the extraction and magnetic separation of iron by 0.1 mm to 1.5 mm sieve pulverizer, and the bentonite, salt salt and urea are mixed into the mixer.
Processing equipment hammer slice pulverizer, mixing mixer, hoist, one of the cooling machines.
Quality Control of Pastening Starch Urea
1. Making Cast StarchUrea must ensure the quality of the starch, otherwise it is difficult to succeed. Corn Execution Standard: GB / T17890-19992.
2. The water content of the m ure is 15% to 20%.
3. The expanded chamber temperature is in the range of 135 ¡ã C to 145 ¡ã C, and the automatic temperature control is disposed at 140 ¡ã C.
4. The gelation of corn starch is 80% to 90%.
5. The environment requires good ventilation and 70% of air humidity. The production site is cleaned, dried.
6. Packaging: The product has strong water absorption. It is strict on the packaging. It must be double-packaged and the inner layer is better. The sealing should be carefully, and cannot be leaked.
Mastering of Pastening Starch Urea
Corn Starch Master: Starch Deactivation u003d Adhesive gel, the appearance is a crispy rod, light yellow, naked eye finely views multi-micropores. Factors affecting the degree of alleviation are the particle size of the raw material and the aqueous rate, the temperature of the puff chamber and the pressure in the expandable cty. The particle size is small, the water content is suitable, the temperature is 140 ¡ã C, the pressure is 2.5 MPa ~ 3.5 MPa, the gelation is higher. This requires a certain amount of experience to be accumulated. The amount of protein is slightly simpler, and the control object is achieved by calculating the amount of urea. The general protein amount control range is 70% to 77%.
Illustrative analysis
Polated starch urea is mainly a problem of genification.
Extruded such morphological extrusion did not participate in puffing. It has a large particle size, the gelation is low, and the water content is also high. It is very thin when landing is unqualified.
After the semi-extrusion of the extruded extrudate is discharged from the spout, it is twice that of the spouting pore size, the color is white, the naked eye is finely smashed and can observe the unproduced corn granules, it is unqualified. product.
The gelatinous starch is very good, and it is easier to distinguish with the naked eye. This state is yellow, multi-microporous, and quizes the corn small particles; it is twice the spout hole diameter, with corn ripe fragrance, slightly ammonia. The gelatinous product is ideal after crushing. The main factors affecting the puffing, gelatinating effect is the temperature of the raw material particle size, the material moisture content and the temperature of the puffet. Here, it is highly suction, and it can be absorbed in a large amount of water, expanded. It can quickly absorbs water in a vapor, and urea is also absorbent, so the processing time should be as short as possible in a dry environment. Make ruminant protein suppleme with urea, which have been widely a ted at home and abroad and has achieved significant results. Pay attention to ammonia poisoning and improve urea utilization efficiency.

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