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The special nature of the premix product requires the premix production process to be adapted. The following basic requireme are briefly described. (1) Most of the micro component raw materials that protect the active premix feed of trace ingredie In the chemical and pharmaceutical industries, from raw materials, the reception begins, it should pay attention to its physical and chemical characteristics. Before mixing, it is precipitated, water, dilute, package, anti-static, etc., in storage, processing In the process, on the one hand, it is necessary to protect the original activity of the additive component, and on the other hand, it is necessary to avoid cross-pollution effects between different compone. Therefore, there should be unique means when process design, use special production lines, maximum possible protection of trace The activity of the ingredie. (2) The objects of the compounding precision of the ingredie are high, and the objects of the feed mill treated with the feed millions of the feed mills are constant raw materials, and the variations of the constant compone are large. However, the premixing material and the feed factor are different, what it involves Most of the materials are trace of ingredie, which are small, some or even very small, and the safety dose is very close to the poisoned dose, such as selenium, so the ingredient accuracy is high. Small ingredie is small, which is the premise of producing high quality premix To achieve this goal, high-precision ingredie, such as electronic scales; designed a reasonable weighing process, such as multi-stage dilution mixing, packet blending process, for some level of trace ingredie, can even use trace The balance is proud to ensure accurate weigh. (3) The production process is short. Under the premise of ensuring the quality of the finished product, in order to reduce long-distance delivery, the premix production process is simplified, shortened the route, Reduce the shipping link, do not have to be automated, mechanized too demanding, equipment has no residue, easy to observe, detect, all parts are not dead angle, which is more than the current situation, even in developed countries with advanced technology, production scale is relatively large The production process of the premixed material is also relatively short. (4) Mixing uniform requirement high mixing uniformity is an important processing quality indicator of the premix. Reasonable ingredient system guarantees the total standard, but very It may not be mixed uneven, and the ingredient system is still unable to ensure the accuracy of its total, but many possible mixing uneven, it still does not meet the quality indicators. For the premix, due to its high concentration of intermediate products, in the post-machining It is also necessary to continuously dilute, so the previous segment is not uniform, it is possible to change the ratio of the next step. In fact, it will be mixed together from several grams to a few hundred kilograms of raw materials and soybeans. Higher uniformity is really difficult. This requires both efficient uniformity. It is really difficult. This requires to select universities, low-residual mixers, and must design a reasonable mixing process. In addition, It is necessary to do some necessary changes to the physical and chemical characteristics of the raw material to ensure the implementation of the above objectives, such as the granularity of the carrier, the strong hygroscopicity, etc. to be treated. (5) The corrosion resistance is strong in premixing In addition to a part of a food raw material or its by-products, the rest ebits chemical activity varying degrees, some even produceCorrosion, in turn, the manufacturing material of the equipment may also affect the titer of certain compone. So the equipment, pipes, and hoppers that are in contact with high concentration active ingredie should be used in suitable materials, such as stainless steel, etc. (6) packaging Require high packaging not only affects product image, but also affects the quality of the premix, in particular, some microcontrollers in the premix have gradually changed, lost activity during storage. For this purpose, packaging materials should be non-toxic, no The material of harm, strong, moisture, and prototyping, the packaging is strict, beautiful, and strictly prevent mixing. The second premix production process premix production process mainly includes the pre-treatment of raw materials, liquid adding process, ingredient process, mixing process, material Parts of the delivery and product packaging. 1. Forwarding the raw material for the production of premixed materials, if it is purchased to meet the feed grade product that meets the production requireme, there is no need to re-process it. However, if the purchase to the product does not meet the production requireme, such as water High, particle, easy to absorb, agglomerate, etc., should be processed. (1) The pre-treatment of the carrier or diluent is generally acceptance ¡ú intrinsic ¡ú dry ¡ú pulverized. (B) Prior to trace eleme, trace element additives, mainly Refers to mineral salts and oxides in copper, iron, mangan, and zinc. There is a difference in water soluble in th additives; it is easy to handle; some are very easy to absorb the moisture back, directly affect processing, equipment service life, and Affect the quality of the feed product. Therefore, appropriate treatment must be performed before the application, such as drying, fine granulation, addition of anti-s, premixing, etc., to alter some of their physical traits, make it in line with processing process requireme It can also ensure product quality. 1. Dry: trace element compound such as sulfate, sulfate, sulfate, cobalt sulfate, mangan sulfate, zinc sulfate, etc. Block, easy to adhere to the equipment during processing, causing corrosion to the equipment, affecting the mixing uniformity, and destroying the biological activity of other ingredie during the product storage process. To this end, dry treatment, take mandatory dried to 1 Crystal water. 2. Welding: fine granulation means fine pulverizing the micro-element additive, the purpose is to increase the uniformity of the m ure, ensure the probability of animal food, etc., the coconut oil is treated with trace element additives in the gastrointestinal tract Dissolve and absorption. The smaller the amount of small eleme, the finer the particle size is required. But too fine will bring many adverse effects. If the dynamicity is poor, the electrostatic effect is increased, so it is advisable to choose the best pulverized particle size (see this chapter first Section). 3. Add anti-s: add a small amount of water absorption in some particularly easily hygroscopic sulfate raw materials, good fluidity, harmless and even beneficial to livestock and poultry, such as silica Calcium silicate, etc., to solve the problem of deterioration of sulfate is easy to cake and fluidity. However, the amount of anti-knot must not exceed 2% of the final finished product of the feed. 4. Make a premix is to make a premix. The element additive is mixed with the diluent or carrier to ensure uniform mixing in the premix, increase the effectiveness and safety, such as selenic acid, cobalt chloride, etc.It should be used after the premix is made. Under the current technical force and equipment conditions, the premix is undoubtedly an indispensable approach to the use of additives. (1) Pretreatment of sodium selenite. It can be used The number of sodium selenate is dissolved in hot water at a certain proportion, mixing, spraying the adsorbent (such as a bran), thoroughly mixing, and preparing a selenium of selenium with other materials. (2 Potassium iodide and cobalt chloride. After fine particles, the ball mill is finely granulated, calcium stearate, potassium stearate, iron citrate, etc., the proportion of 10% or more, can be improved. Potassium iodide, stability of cobalt chloride. Fig. 12-2 5. Preparation of polysaccharide composites or chelate: polysaccharide compound is a special metal complex formed by soluble salts and polysaccharide solutions, such as copper Polysaccharide compound, the interaction between vitamins and other mineral eleme. The chelate of copper, zinc and iron is made of a chelating agent with diethylamine tetracetic acid to eliminate the disadvantage of solubility salts. It can also increase the utilization of animals to trace eleme. Figure 12-2 is a pretreatment process flow of a micro elemental mineral salt Italy. This process consists of two parts, and a portion of the mineral salt is broken into a 500 kg dryer. Dry treatment mineral salt is increased into the raw material; the other part is a pulverized, mixed portion. According to the mineral salt in the raw material huger, after the weight of the size automatic scale, enter the fine pulverized and prepreg, then enter 200 kilograms The horizontal mixer is mixed. The process can process 200 kg per batch, 12 minutes during the period, and 1 ton.

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