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The premixed feed is a m ure of integrated additives or different types of additives in the same class. Although the premixed feed is small in full-price feed, it has an extremely important role in the feeding effect on the full price feed. The scientific premixed feed formula is the key to premix production. It is necessary to produce high-quality premix not only requires scientific formula, but also requires high quality raw materials, fine equipment technology and a complete management measures. The premix is not a simple product, but a technique with a high technical content, is a comprehensive manifestation of raw material quality testing, nutritional formula design, and livestock feeding management. In order to further promote and popularize premixed feed technology, the production technology of premixing feed and its use as a brief introduction. 1 Premix Feed Production Purpose, Characteristics and Effect the production purpose of premix is to enable trace component additives to expand After that, the active ingredie are uniformly dispersed in the compound feed. The premix can be produced by manufacturers specializing in such products, or can be produced specialized in production workshops in cooperation with feed mills. service livestock premix has the following features: Service Animal Husband 1 Complicated. Premixed premix generally includes 6, 7 trace eleme, more than 15 kinds of vitamins, 2 amino acids, 1 ~ 2 drugs, and other additives (antioxida and antiferic age, etc.), and various feed additives properties And the effects are different, complicated with compatibility; service livestock 2 is small, large. Generally, the proportion of premixed feeds is 0.5% to 5%, although there is less dosage, but the improvement of animal production performance, improvement of feed conversion and great effects; serving livestock 3 cannot be fed directly. The active ingredient concentration of the additive in the premix is high, typically dozens to several hundred ti more of the amou of animals, and if they are directly fed, it is easy to cause animal poisoning. Service Animal Population The role is 4 poi: Service Animal Husband 1 can make the trace ingredie of the additives are distributed uniform in cooperation with feed; service livestock 2 through premixing process, compensate and improve the unsatisfaction of trace ingredie, such as instability, water absorption, electrostatic adsorption phenomena; – Serving livestock 3 standardization of additives; serving livestock 4 simplifies the production process of the general feed processing plant and reduces investment. 2 Premixed Feed Production Technology Main 2. A t Advanced Formula Premix Feed Formula is the core of production technology, is an animal nutrition expert from special premix manufacturer According to the animal growth and production of nutritional needs in various stages, in accordance with the basic nutritional content of do tic feed raw materials, in the lack of replenishment, the economy is reasonable, low-value and efficient principle, and considering the various influencing factors such as the external environment and processing technology, carefully designed Composed. On the one hand, combined with nutritional needs, user feeding levels and conditions to choose the right, appropriate amount of additive raw materials; on the other hand, consider the need for processing, for most compone, such as nutrition additives, etc., master the material is formulating technology key. Drug feed additives and certain sensitive compone (such as selenium, copper, etc.) must have sufficient scientific according to the necessary practical experience, otherwise it is extremely easy to appear errors and the consequences are serious. The ratio of the raw material is an important factor affecting the quality of premix products. The proportion of active ingredie and dilue in the premix, the ratio between various trace eleme, and the ratio between related active ingredie should be just right. The formula should not be constant, and should constantly adjust the formula according to market feedback, local conditions, season changes, the latest technology and product information, and rigorously, and do not losing flexibility, always close the premix product close to the national conditions and production. actual. Serving Livestock 2.2 Selecting Quality Raw Materials Quality of Livestock Raw Materials for Premixing Actual Effects is very effective, the most basic requireme of high quality raw materials are purity High, no toxic hazardous substance, which is the most important thing is that the active ingredient content, especially the additives such as vitamin A and vitamin C, should be determined by actual measurement. Trace element compound feedstock must have a high biological value, stable physical properties, and a small amount of physique. In addition, some additives, its own quality and dosage forms are prone to other additives, and should pay special attention. Such as the ferrous sulfate of seven water sulfate is very hygroscopic, the destructiveness of vitamin A is also large, and the influence of ferrous sulfate on vitamin A is smaller. If the protectant is added, it affects smaller, and itself The activity is very good. production premixed manufacturers should use high-quality raw materials, and accurately determine the quality and titer of raw materials. When you use vitamins, you should pay attention to the following two poi: 1 The biological value is high; 2 Select different vitamins in climate characteristics, such as wet heat summer choice monoitrate thiomethosine ratio hydrochloric acid Good sulphate effect. When choosing a trace element feedstock, the content, particle size, crystalline water, and toxic and hazardous substances should be considered. Drug feed additives, pay attention to safety issues, must be used in accordance with the test materials provided by the instructions and manufacturers, stop the drug according to the test materials provided by the specification and manufacturers.Perfect understanding. 2.3 Using Best Carriers and Diluent Service Animalum carrier is a microparticles carrying or adsorb microactive ingredie, which is premixed Inactive substances. The choice of carriers should follow the following principles: strong chemical stability, no damage to adsorption; moderately, with a good m ure with full price; the price is low. The particle size of the carrier should be between 0.177 to 0.59 mm; the density is similar to the trace component density thereof, and the carrier density in the composite premix should be the average value of each micro component density; when mixed carriers and additives, add 1.5% of the vegetable oil can improve the adhesion of the carrier; the water content of the carrier should be controlled at 8% to 10%, the vector does not damage the activity of the active ingredient being carried out; the acid-alkalinity of the carrier is better. Common carriers are: shell powder, wheat bran, corn, bran powder, skim rice bran, stone powder, zeolite powder, salt, etc. The diluent is to decrease the concentration of the active material in the premix, and the ingredie separated from each other, which is the same as the inactive substance as the carrier, and the reaction between the active ingredient is conducive to the active ingredient stability. The requireme for the diluent are: the moisture content of the diluent should be less than 10%, no moisture, no agglomeration; particle size requireme are between 0.05 ~ 0.6mm; the surface is smooth, hng good fluidity; pH requireme Between 5.5 ~ 7.5, there is no static charge; it must be animal edible, harmless and stable. 2.4 Raw Materials Vitamins It is Oxygen, Wet, Heat, Light, Photographic, Metallic Ion and Other Activity. In order to meet the requireme of the production process, all vitamin additives must be specially preprocessed to maintain their stability and activity. Emulsification techniques can be employed to form fine particles, uniformly dispersed in the matrix, and then use the package to be technically, forming a microparticle hng a gelatin bag to form a microcapsule. The microparticles thus processed can be resistant to mechanical operation, oxidative properties, good mixing properties. Trace element additive mainly refers to mineral salts and oxides such as copper, iron, manganese, and zinc. The water solubility in these compounds is poor, and some are easy to absorb the moisture, and appropriate pretreatment must be performed before the application, so that some of their physical properties are met, it is in line with the processing process and ensures product quality. Pre-treatment techniques mainly have drying, add anti-agglomerates, coating packages, fine granulation, prevention, and the like. 2.5 Using High Precision Production Equipment Service Animal Sciences Realized the Accurate Measurement Ingredie, to ensure that the formula requires accurate ingredie In terms of advanced metering equipment and reasonable processes, premix production is very accurate and stability of various types of metering ingredie.High requireme, therefore, to strengthen management and regular calibration for relevant equipment. For drugs that are small, the amount of drugs that affect secure, such as selenium, high copper and other additives, are particularly careful in metering and dilution. The mixer is the most important equipment for making premixs. Different premix varieties require different mixer equipment, such as unrestrained particlers, cone mixers, double spiral loop mixers, biaxial pulp Mixers and fast free mixers, etc.. In general, the requireme for the mixer are: 1 high mixing efficiency, the best mixing time is short; 2 mixed uniformity is high; 3 structures are reasonable, the residue remains low and easy to remove; 4 is easy to remove; 5 closed performance Ok, less leakage; 6 anti-static. 2.6 Mixed Uniform Although it is only a physical process, due to the characteristics of raw material density, it is necessary to scientifically select equipment , Mixed time and suitable carrier or diluent, process flow is as simple as possible, and strike a mixed uniform. High-quality premix, all of its groups are uniformly distributed, arbitrarily a ted a sample test, and its proportion between multiple compone should be consistent with the formulation. However, due to various factors, there will be differences in different sampling between different sampling. The uniformity of the premix means that the actual intake of the animal does not meet the amount of supply specified by the formulation, thereby directly affecting the addition effect and the feed effect of the feed, especially for some safety dosage and poisoning doses. For trace ingredie, uniformity differences may cause unsafe consequences, so uniformity is an important quality indicator of premix. The metrics that measures uniformity are mixed uniformity, indicated by variation coefficie, and my country’s departmental standards shall be less than 7%. 2.7 Introduction HACCP Management System Service Animal Husband In Today, the safety of meat food is increasingly attached to the premix production. HACCP management The system is very necessary. First, you should analyze the hazard factors in the feed production process, and the critical control point is determined, and the control standard is established, and then the effective and effective control measures will be implemented, establish a detection method and procedure, and see if the control measures and the standards set in time. There is a deviation, take a powerful corrective action, and adjust the production and processing and control methods in a timely manner, and fully verify the HACCP system. Implementing HACCP, improving the quality control awareness and quality control level of premix production enterprises, will promote the comprehensive improvement of premix production levels. 3 Production 3.1 with feeding standards mainly based on – The standard is the nutritional requirement of animals under different feeding purposes, which can be used as a premix formulation.According to the application, there is also a wide range of knowledge depends on animal nutrition. 1 Nutritional requireme in feeding standards should be the sum of the same nutrie provided by various compone, rather than adding the amount; 2 Preferably, the premix feedstock after directly determine the ingredient, and should consider various nutrie The synergy between the substances; 3 nutritional requireme in the feeding standards are only satisfied with the minimum need for animals, and should add appropriate amount according to the actual conditions when making formulations to ensure animals in different conditions. The real need for a nutrient substance. Service Animal Husband 3.2 Considering Process and Processing Loss In the process of premix processing, the first should ensure that it is necessary to accurately invest strictly according to formula; secondly, secondly, Different additional methods are used according to the characteristics of various compone; the last guarantee is uniform (CV less than 7%). Damaged during feed processing (such as crushing, granulation, etc.), some vitamins and other nutrie will be damaged, so this factor should be considered when developing the formula. Serving Animal Husband 3.8 Note In Basic Feeds contains some anti-nutrition factors in many energy feeds and protein feed materials, The nutrient factor in the feed has a certain damage. Such as rim biscuits contain anti-B6 factors; fat oxides in soy are destroyed to vitamin A. When doing formula, you should pay attention to adding these nutrie. Serving Animal Husband 3.4 Focus on Stability Factors most of the vitamin stability in the animal husbandry is poor, if metal ions are more. In the case of the presence of Cu, Fe, Mn, etc. in the feed for 3 months, and vitamin A lost 80%, and vitamin B6 lost 20%. So the storage time in production is not too long, and pay attention to sealing, and preventing light. 3.5 Micro Compatinal the granularity requireme of the service livestock trace compone are determined in their nature and mixing in full price. The ratio of the medium is required for the addition proportion, and it is difficult to disperse, otherwise it will affect the uniformity of the mix. The microactive component has a great influence on the growth of animals, but it is easy to generate chemical reactions between themselves. The method of solving the compatibility is mainly: packaged vitamins, minerals, and other ingredie, until the production of full price is mixed with feeds, the various premixed feeds simultaneously; improve the stability of the active compone, usually two methods, One is an outsourcing protective layer that is easily destroyed, and the other is to derivative compone that can easily affect other component active substances. Serving Livestock 3.6 SafetyWith high efficiency service livestock trace eleme are most chemicals, add not only to consider its effective amount, but also consider poisoning. Such as copper is an effective trace element, high doses have a growth effect on animals, but when doing formulations, it should be more considered for ordinary use, and the amount of poisoning is very close to poisoning due to special efficacy. A further amount of selenium, the feed is very small, and the effective amount is very close to the amount of poisoning. The composite premix contains a variety of trace eleme and vitamins, and many differentials have interactions, such as vitamin E and trace element selenium in the body, the body has mutual synergy; calcium and phosphorus can only give high efficiency; iron, The amount of zinc can affect the absorption effect of copper, and the like. 3.7 Choline Issues Choline is a low molecular organic compound, is a necessity for the growth and development of young animals, with corn In the main feed, a sufficient amount of choline must be added to ensure the healthy growth of livestock and poultry. It is generally used as a feed additive with 50% chlorine chlorine powder, which has a strong hygroscopicity, which is very stable, but the destructiveness of other additive active ingredie is large, and there is destruction of vitamin A, D3, K3, etc. The role, so it should be adsorbed to dry treatment with bran, skim rice bran, and rice husk, control the moisture to prevent mastine. 3.8 Taking into account the Weather Factors – Based on Feeds, Different Climate conditions, animals are different from the need for nutrie, and the proportion of nutrie should be adjusted with the climate. Make the formula reasonable. 4 Premixed Feed Serving Livestock 4.1 Correctly Understanding Premixed Pixabay – Under intensive scale feeding conditions, it is necessary to provide a full price of animals to feed. To formulate a full-price matching feed, the premix is essential, first consider the crude protein, essential amino acid, energy, calcium, phosphorus, sodium, chlorine, etc., and then cooperate with scientific, reasonable premix. Only in this way can we exert its role in improving animal production levels, reducing feed consumption and health care. It is necessary to distinguish the role of various nutrie in animal nutrie and their interrelationships, and cannot excessively emphasize the nutritional and physiological effects of premix. Only under the premissions of the main nutrition indicators in the diet, the role of premix can be expressed . 4.2 rationally Choose Premix the premixed materials sold in the livestock market are mixed, some have no qualifications, formula is unreasonable, etc. When purchasing, you must start from the actual situation, according to your own feed raw material, the premix is used in accordance with the selection of the earthquake. OnlyIf there is an energy feed raw material, you should choose a full nutritional concentrate; if there is an energy feed raw material, there is a protein raw material, which can be used in a compound premixed premix to 4% ~ 5%; if it is a feed factory, professional pre-use 1% to 3% of the compound premix produced by the mixing plant or a high-tech classification of high-tech classification premixes. To select the premix products produced by manufacturers with strong technical strength, product specifications, stable quality, and after-sales service; according to local agricultural and sideline products, choose the types of basic materials and characteristics suitable for themselves. 4.3 Strict Identification Quality When purchasing premix, the product should be selected, and the packaging is specified. Whether the content of the tag is complete. The following items should be indicated as follows: product name, applicable phase, main ingredient, drug additive type, addition ratio, instructions, production date, shelf life, implementation standard, approval number, production enterprise name, address, telephone, etc. . Also give the product quality in sensory determination, the qualified premix should be substantially consistent, the color is one, no odor, mildew, moisture absorption and cake. Serving Livestock 4.4 Clearing Use Object – Based on Feeds, When using premix, it should choose a special premix for livestock species and different growth stages. According to, you should take a closer look at the label on the livestock and applicable phase. Service Animal Husband 4.5 Accurate Service Animal Human should be filled with other feeds, general premixed amou account for 0.5 % ~ 6%, should be accurately weighed when used. Because the amount is less than the ideal effect, the amount is too large, but also causing poisoning. 4.6 and Basic Feeds Full Mix Serving Animalum Premix must be mixed with other feeds. And it is best to use it, and the feed should be used once. 4.7 Correctly Store Service Livestock Pay attention to Master Premixed Time and Conditions to maintain its fresh. Premixed premixed premix should be stored in ventilation, cool, dry, and to classify and keep it; after opening the bag, you should use it as soon as possible, do not store it for a long time. Be careful during use, avoid moist, otherwise the effective ingredient content is reduced. 5 Summary Premix is the theoretical basis for animal growth and nutrition, considering a variety of related factors, a ting FirstThe equipment process, a variety of vitamins, trace eleme, amino acids, and promotion growth factors, etc., for reasonable, uniform mixing, uniformly mixed high-tech products.It contains most nutritional needs. After mixing with proteins, energy feed, it is equilibrated to efficiently play nutrie, fully meet the nutritional needs of animal growth and production.It should be seen that there are still some problems in the production and use of my country’s premix production, such as a problem with a trace element premix to use, composite premixed compone mix packaging problems, high copper, high zinc And the use of arsenic preparations, etc.With the development of science and technology, these issues will gradually be resolved.Livestock producers only have the correct purchase and reasonably use premix to give full play to its efficient nutrition.

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