Primary control and processing points of milk pig

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After using the teaching tank, turn to the general milk pig after 1 week Inside, piglets will decrease in food, growth stagnation and diarrhea increase, etc. . There are many church materials to solve diarrhea, weak and feeding, but the growth rate is not ideal, and the feed remuneration is not ideal, so the weight is high. Since many toll materials use high-dose drug additives to control diarrhea, the milk pigs are relatively slow when they do not use small pigs without teaching trough, and the growth rate of piglets is relatively slow, making the advantage of the teaching tank Disappear. At present, the quality of the quality, the criterion of the passage of the pass should be under normal feeding conditions, normal lean varieties of pigs are weaning, 3 days after weaning, and their feeding capacity and growth rate should be restored to the level before weaning. Since the day of self-breaking milk, the nutritional diarrhea rate in 10 days is less than 21%, the feed conversion is 1.2, and the average daily weight is about 330g, the daily product is 330g; with the current raw material cost, the feed cost is not high Located in 5,500 yuan / t. Ok, the general milk product standard should be the trough of the trough, the feed is continued, the growth rate continues to increase, the diarrhea rate does not increase; the weight of the 42 days is 15kg, the feed remuneration is 1.5; With the current raw material cost, the feed cost is not higher than 4,500 yuan / t. S5R China Feed Industry Information Network – Based on Feed, Serving Animal Husbandry

Quality Control and Processing is very important, but there are still many feed companies not pay attention. There is a good quality raw material, and there is no quality control and processing technology to ensure that there is still a good breast pig product. The formulation, raw materials, quality control and processing are closely combined to produce quality products. The country’s six indicators for feed product formulation, the laboratory of the feed mill must be self-control; other critical indicators also regularly send to relevant units. In fact, there is a small amount of funds and time, you can receive a good effect, such as using zinc sulfate produced on site, to verify that the heavy metal content exceeds the standard, and the inspection can be used (when changing the supply channel, Re-release once 1 time). S5R China Feed Industry Information Network – Based on Feed, Serving Animal Husbandry

S5R China Feed Industry Information Network – Based on Feed, Serving Animal Husbandry [123 To produce a good quality lady, it is best to detect starch deamped, soluble protein, fish powder freshness, peroxidation value, and some hygienic indicators (such as Salmonella). Quality control and processing of the lactu pigs are the same as that of other pigs. There is not much particularity, just use some thermal raw materials, especially when controlling granulation temperature and conditioningbetween. Granulated temperature has a great influence on starch deactivation. According to reports, there is a negative correlation between the granulation temperature and the genus level, the greater the granulation machine, the larger particulate temperature phase, the higher the gelation. Brass pellets cannot be produced too hard, and the exception will seriously affect the right level. Taking into account the physiological characteristics of the lactal pigs and the digestibility of the feed, the starch is required to be higher, and therefore, the hardness of the breast pig is required to be appropriately reduced by other methods. In general, the granulation ring compression ratio is 6-8. If the puffed raw material is used, the compression ratio is 3, so that the material is made, only the powder rate is too high. After the puffed corn, soy is pulverized, the particle size generally does not have problems. From all aspects of factors, the particles are in 400-600 mu; m is suitable.

S5R China Feed Industry Information Network – Based on Feed, Service Animal Husbandry

If a powder is made, it is necessary to pay attention to mixing uniformity. According to reports, when the mixed uniformity of piglets fell from 106.5% to 28.4%, the average daily gain increased by 41.0%, and the feed utilization increased by 18.5%, and the feeding capacity was increased by 18.3%. Therefore, the mixed time of weaning piglets should reach 4-6 min, and the variation coefficient is not more than 10% in accordance with my country’s cooperative feed standards to ensure the full mix of feed, and the nutrient component is evenly distributed. Therefore, it is best to take 2 pulverized processes (after mixing, then pulverize 1 time), so that the product appears to be made of single raw materials, it will be even more uniform. The germline of particles has a huge impact on animal production performance. According to reports, it is reported that the germination rate is 5% -10%, which can increase animal production performance by 3% -5%, and the same effect is also the same.

S5R China Feed Industry Information Network – Based on Feed, Serving Animal Husbandry

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