Processing and modulating pig feed should pay attention to

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Pig is an eclipse animal, so many feed can be used to feed pigs, common feed, belonging to energy feed, corn, sorghum, barley, sweet potato (dry), etc., it belongs to green-green feed: Pumpkin, carrot, sweet potato , Alfalfa, grass, bitter vegetables, purple cloud, hair, water, water, water, water, wild vegetables can also be used to feed pigs; belonging to protein feeds: Soycakes (), Peanut cake (), raped cake, cottonseed cake, fish powder, meat bone powder, blood powder, feather powder, etc .; belonging to mineral feed is: stone powder, shell powder, etc. Commonly used for feeds: corn, barley, wheat bran, oatmeal, bean cake (), fish powder, feed yeast, and mineral additives, vitamin additives, synthetic amino acids, and the like. (1) Be careful in Japan: 1. Feed should try to perform fine processing, strictly prevent moldy, deteriorate The fish powder should be used as little as possible to reduce the cost of breeding; the raped cake, cottonseed cake should do a good job of disinfection, feeding pregnant sows, and must strictly control the amount, generally not more than 5% of the total feed; apply green juicy When feeding boar, it is not too much when feeding boar, otherwise it will be easily formed ldquo; grass abdominal rdquo; 2. It can reduce corn, bean cake () ratio, replace part of corn, use seed powder, rice bran, etc. (), Cottonseed cake (), etc. instead of some soybean meal. Service Animal Husband 3. Note that the feed ratio is adjusted according to the difference in the season. In the winter, the proportion of energy feeds such as corn should be increased, and the proportion of protein-like bean () is appropriately reduced, but the rough protein decrease does not exceed 15 percentage poi; due to the decline in feeding, it should reduce the proportion of energy feeds such as corn, and improve calcium appropriately The content. Serving Livestock 4. Leaf Food Feed should not be cooked, otherwise it is easy to cause nitrite poisoning; tender corn seedlings, sorghum seedlings should not feed pigs, otherwise it is easy to cause hydrocyanate; potato Bud and its fresh stems should not feed pigs, otherwise, it is easy to cause dragonfum poisoning; 1/2 1 2 Next Last

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