Processing and quality monitoring of meat cattle full mixed diet

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Full-mixed diet (TMR) is based on nutritional needs in different growth and development and production stages, according to nutrition experts, using special mixers to make crude feed, green feed, silage feed and fine material supplement. A mixed feed of a nutrient relative balanced m ure is mixed, cut, mixed. 1 Formulation Principle 1.1 Note Ports and Separates – Serving Animalum Niki It must be considered when preparing, and it must be considered, and the amount of drums of the beef cattle can be considered. At the same time, it is necessary to take care of whether the meat cow can have a satiety, satisfying the need for the maximum dry matter of the beef cattle. 1.2 Meet Nutritional Needs Serving Animal Shepherd Niuquan Mixed Diet To comply with the beef cattle feed standards, and consider the actual production level. It is necessary to estimate the nutritional need for a certain weight and stage, and the amount of feeding can be higher -2%, but should not be over. 1.3 Crude Proportion of – Bearing Feed, Serving the Bold Feed in Live Morality Buffali Food According to the quality of the crude feed and the meathenia phase and the fattening period Difference. Neutral washing fibers (NDF) should be ensured 28% of the diet of the diet, of which the NDF of the crude feed accou for more than 21% of the diet of the diet, acid washing fiber (ADF) accou for 18% of diet. 1.4 Raw Variety Diversification Serving Animal Shepherd Niu Yi Food Raw Material variety Diversity, can not be too monotonous, multiple feed matching, easy nutrition balance ,Full price. Local forage resources should be made to reduce feeding costs. 1.5 Feed Composition Maintaining Avoiding the Meaning of Diet, causing tumor Ganoioma to not properly, thus affecting digestive function, and even lead to digestion Disease disease. The feed used is clean and hygienic, and all kinds of feed should be specified in the range to prevent the amount of feed amount containing harmful factors. 2 Production Technology 2.1 All Mixing Day Food Design Service Livestock 2.1.1 Determined Nutrition need. According to the beef cattle (divided by physiological stage and production level), weight and love, the beef cattle nutrition is adjusted appropriately. According to nutrie, TMR needs to be determined, predicting their dry matter feeding, reasonably formulates the beef cattle. 2.2 Feed Raw Material Selection and Its CompositionDetermination. According to the resource of local forage feed, the quality and low price is selected. The measurement of crude protein, crude fat, crude fiber, moisture, calcium, total phosphorus and coarse ash should be carried out in accordance with relevant standards. 2.1.3 Formulation Design. According to the determined beef cattle TMR nutrition level and the selected feed raw material, the compone and feeding value of the feed feedstock are analyzed, and the most economical feed formula is designed. 2.4 Days Optimization. Under the premise of satisfying nutrition, the cost of pursuing diet is minimized. The fine material supplement dry matter can not exceed 60% of the day grain. To ensure that the daily grain degradation protein (RDP) and non-degradation protein (UDP) are relatively balanced, and the level of printed protein is appropriately reduced. When high energy feed such as protective fats and oilseed, the dietary fat content (dry matter foundation) should not exceed 6%.
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