Processing method of garlic feed additive

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First, the role of garlic feed additives

1, adding peeled chopped green garlic in the 3-5% feed in the meat, not only can enhance the appetite of the meat, improve the quality of chicken Make the fragrance of chicken be more rich, and can significantly increase the weight of broiler. Add 0.2% of garlic powder to the chick feed, which increases the growth rate of the chicks from 5.8 to 5.6%. 2% of garlic premix added in the yaw of egg chicken, and the egg yield rate can be increased by 98%. 2% of garlic premixs were added to the meat with a seed chicken, and the yield rate increased by 5.6%. Using ´ó ((graduated from the garlic), organic germanium and selenium matching a additive to feed the egg hen, not only increase the egg yield, but also prolong the peak of layout. After feeding garlic gang, you can improve the weight gain benefits of broilers.

2, add a small amount of garlic in pig feed, which is beneficial to the growth and development of pigs. Add 3% garlic to the feed to give the sow to increase the day of the sow to 2 kg. Add 2% garlic for 15-25 days of weaned milk, and the daily gain of piglets can increase by 6.9%. Add 3-5% of garlic in the dairy feed, causing a good tempering effect on cows, and the daily milk of each cow can increase approximately 2 kilograms, and the amount of fine feed is 0.8 kg. Garlic can also be used to treat pigs, white dysentery, tumor stomach expansion, gastric cold, enteritis diarrhea, and rumor stomas caused by spleen and stomach. Second, the processing method of garlic feed additive 1, when the amount of fresh garlic is small, the fresh garlic is peeled, chopped or made into garlic, then add feed. Stirring is fully stirred. When used, fresh garlic (without peeled) can be mixed with the main component of the feed (generally corn), then commissioning, which does not affect the crushing effect of the active ingredient, and can make garlic in the feed well mixed. The amount of addition is generally 1-5%.

2, when adding garlic (slag) dry powder, first make dry powder or garlic slag (under the lower feet of water vapor fuel oil), then directly add the feed or add the carrier to the carrier. After mixing, add the feed, add the amount of feed in the feed: 0.2-1%, pig, cattle is 0.5-1.5%.

3, add garlic or alcohol leaching. When using garlic extract, remove moisture after evaporation; use alcohol extract, evaporated to alcohol, the former is added 0.02% in chicken feed; pig, cow is added 0.03% in chicken feed Join, pig, cow is added in 0.05-0.1%.

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