Processing of grass particles feed

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Grass particulate feed processing description, the benefits of grass particles

1. The growth and utilization of forage are greatly affected by the season. Winter forage yellow, small nutrients, livestock and defect; warm season forage is growing, nutritious, grass and many livestock can’t eat. Therefore, in order to promote short-term use of warm seasons, they can be stored in winter, and they can feed towards in winter.

2. High feed conversion rate. Winter granules are added to the homestock, with less forage, more meat, eggs, milk.

3. Small size. Grass-granular feed only about 1/4 of the raw hay volume, easy to store and transport, dust is relatively good for human livestock; feeding, can simplify the feeding procedures, in order to achieve intensive, mechanized animal husbandry production.

4. Increase appropriateness and improve forage quality. Such as the special smell of coumarin, how much is a little unpopular, but after making grass granules, it is a feeding, and the nutritional value is high.

5. Expand the source of feed. Such as Jinji, You Ruo, Chai, etc., its branches are rough, and after crushing, it has become a feeding of the house. Other by-products such as crops, shells, straws, and various leaves and other leaves can be used to feed their livestock poultry.

Second, grass particles processing technology 1, the most critical technique of processing grass particles is to regulate the water content of the feedstock. First, the water content of the raw material must be measured, then mix water to the water content of the machining. According to assays, the granules were made of bean forage, and the best water content was 14% to 16%; the topical forage was 13% to 15%.

2, the processing of grass particles is usually used with particulate feed mill. The grass powder is agitated and extruded during the rolling process. Under normal circumstances, the temperature of about 80 ¡ã C from the screen is normal, from high temperature cooling to room temperature, water content is generally reduced by 3% to 5%, Therefore, the water content of the grass granules is not more than 11% to 13%. Since the water content is very low, it is suitable for long-term storage without mold deterioration.

3, grass granules can be formulated into grass particles containing different nutrient components according to the nutritional requirements of various livestock and poultry. Its particle size can regulate the rolling machine and processed as required.

Third, the particulate feed ingredients and effects

To produce the feed, improve the utilization rate of feeds. 55% ~ 60% of grass powder (green grass, crop straw), fine material (corn, sorghum, oats, bran, etc.)

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