Processing process of feed additives

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The processing technology of feed additives is a new technique that combines feed processing technology and pharmaceutical chemical processing technology to penetrate, mutual combination, which requires high efficiency, low consumption, no cross-contamination, and can continue to produce. 1 Process process of the premixing of the process feed additive premix is shown. Process Diluent of Premixed Additives Dilute ¡û Dissolved ¡û Vector iodine, Cobalt, Selenium, etc. The requireme of the raw materials are: 1 animal absorption utilization rate, high biological value; 2 harmful heavy metals in accordance with the standards; 3 horizontal sex, no bad odor; 4 is not easy to absorb the moisture; 6 no electrostatic inductance Good liquidity; 7 particle size meets the requireme; 8 purity reaches feed level requireme; the source is extensive, the price is reasonable; . 2.2. The selection of the carrier and the processing selection vector can be diluted to the micro-element component, and there is a good surface characteristic and water load capacity, so that the particles of the micro additive ingredient can enter the concave surface of the carrier, and the hole should be scattered. Good characteristics such as sex, liquidity, chemical stability. Generally, a carrier such as tertiary powder, bubil powder, steamed bone powder, etc. The moisture of the carrier is 10% or less, and the fineness is between 30 and 80. 2.3. The selection of the diluent and the processing diluent requires chemical stability, chemical reactions and biological antagonisms that are not diluted, followed by ambient similarity, that is, the weight weight of the diluted component is about equal to the diluent. The weight is equal to the weight of the carrier. CaCO3 is diluent with a capacity of 2.7 g / m3, and has a low cost, extensive source, and animals can be utilized as calcium source. 2.4. Treatment of Treatment of Treatment of Selenium, Cobalt, Cobalt, iodine, is relatively toxic, and the local local place can make animal poisoning, must be specially treated, usually used in water pretreatment, and 3 element preparations It is called well in a certain warm water, then sprayed into the finely treated diluent, and then mixed evenly, dried, pulverized, prepared ingredie. 2.5. Dry additive raw materials often contain over-water, need to perform drying treatment, typically employ a temperature-free electric oven, a drying device, a drying treatment, can extend the storage period, which is advantageous for pulverization. 2.6. All kinds of raw materials required for crushing the additives need to be pulverized, and the dilue of selenium, cobalt, and iodine are dilue, using special pulverizing machines, combining various raw materials and divide varieties to the desired fine. Degree, the coarse granules on the screen were crushed. 2.7. Ingredie generally a t artificial ingredie, special person responsible, special personnel, using a certain precision balance or platform scale, and some use electronic meter. 2.8. Hybrid a ts high-speed, sealed mixer, requires no more than 0.3% in the machine. The order of the addition is to put the carrier first, thenAdjust the micro ingredie, mix the time of 10 ~ 15 minutes / batch.2.9. When packaging feed additives, when measuring bags, the quality precision is required to be 1/500, the sealing is strict, no leakage, with product quality inspection certificate, indicate applicable objects, add amou, and methods of use.

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