Production process and technical requireme of soybean tissue proteins

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Soybean tissue protein is also known as plant meat, its raw material is a degreasing soybean meal (also known as white beans sheet), and the main ingredient is protein (content of 50%) and carbohydrates. Soy tissue proteins do not contain cholesterol, low sugar content, high digestibility, and a variety of amino acids that must be rich in humans are a more ideal complete protein.
1, the production process of soybean tissue protein
White Beans After turning, the mixed cylinder and steam are grinded, and the water is fully mixed, and the expansion machine is suddenly released by the mold under high pressure, thereby Histocized proteins (small particles soy tissue protein passed wet grinding), and then entered a dry cooler to dry cooling, packaged into a soy tissue protein product.
2, the production process of soybean tissue protein
contains a suitable moisture white beans, which is ground after ablation protein powder, which naturally unchanged protein molecules, degeneration under temperature and pressure. The spatial arrangement of the molecular internal height rule is disrupted, the secondary chain is disrupts the peptide chain structure loose, easy to stretch, the protein molecules are changed, and the dominant arrangement of a certain particle size occurs, and further solidify The meat fiber structure is formed, and finally the temperature pressure suddenly changes to the temperature pressure, that is, a porous soy tissue protein is obtained.
3, soybean tissue protein product standard
Soy tissue protein product standards: protein (dry base) N ¡Á 6.25 ¡Ý 50%, fat ¡Ü 1.5%, crude fiber ¡Ü 5%, water 8% ~ 12 %, Rendering ¡Ü350g / L, Dragmate lt; 5%, water-sng ratio 1: (2.5 ~ 3), in line with food hygiene standards. The appearance is pale yellow or yellowish brown, unfocus, no mold, sea cotton, block or granules, slightly bean flavor, can be floated after absorbing water, not broken, there is a thin meat shape Fiber tissue, after the blisters are soft, and the tissue is delicate. [NEXTPAGE]
4. Precautions for the production of soybean tissue proteins
a. Soybean tissue protein production raw material white beans to achieve the following physical and chemical indicators: protein (dry base) N ¡Á 6.25 ¡Ý 50%, fat ¡Ü1.5 %, Moisture ¡Ü 10%, crude fiber ¡Ü 5%, NSI ¡Ý 70%, ash ¡Ü 6%. White bean sheets were purified by turbine, and the particle size required was 100 ~ 325, and the skim protein powder was mixed with soda in the mixed cylinder, and it should be advanced to the dry water, mix to be uniform, prevent material After mixing, it is solid, and the mixed material is released in hand, and the material is a small spherical shape, otherwise the material is too tapped or too viscous to affect the puffed effect, and even puffed.
b. Mixed material enters the expansion machine for puffing, the pH of the feedstock should be about 7.0, the higher the pH, but the positive expansion effect is, but it cannot exceed 8.5, if pH lt; 5.5 The material will not spread. The amount of sugar content of the raw material is preferably 20% to 30%, too high material is in the puffer.Express.The expander is usually 3kg, and the water is too much easier to produce the spray.The steam pressure is stable to 0.4 MPa, the temperature of the four heating zones is: the first heating zone 80 to 90 ¡ã C, the second heating zone 90 ~ 100 ¡ã C, the third heating zone 110 ~ 120 ¡ã C, fourth heating zone 30 ~40 ¡ã C.Preve the expanded machine spray and the product induced during the puffing.
c. During the puffing process, the swirl rotational speed of the swearing machine is specified as: small soybean tissue protein 4.5 ~ 6.5, large soy tissue protein 3.0 ~ 4.5, the speed is too fast, causing high dust, affecting the productquality.
d. After the puffed product can enter a dry cooler, if it is a small particle tissue protein to pass wet mill, it is a small particle of 4 mm, the wet sheatter rotation speed is 2000 rpm / min, the static knife outlet gapTake 4mm.

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