Puffed corn urea protein nutrition and processing

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, sheep and other rumina can be converted into animal proteins using non-protein nitrogen (such as urea). The nitrogen containing amount of urea is 46%, such as a crude protein is about 280% or more, i.e., 1 kg urea equivalent to the protein content of 6 kg of soybean meal. Since the 1960s, inexpensive urea products have been generally added to supplement protein feed such as soybean meal in the ruminant feed. my country’s corn resources are abundant, and urea production is large, and non-protein nitrogen (NPN) is used as a cow, and sheep feed is an effective way to invest less and efficient. , Basic Principles Entering Rumen, Under the action of urease in urease, carbon dioxide. Rumen microorganisms utilize ammonia synthesis bacteria proteins, bacterial proteins into triam and small intestines are digested. The bacterial protein has a high biological value, which provides an amino acid of 40% to 70%, and the total amount of the small intestine is absorbed, and the composition of the amino acid and the body are close to, which is easy to digest. However, there are too many urea, ammonia release is too fast in the rumen, too much amount, and the release speed exceeds the microbial utilization speed, and enters the body through the urea circulation of the body, resulting in excess of blood, which is easily ammonia poisoning. Therefore, with urea as a nitrogen source, one is suitable, and the second is to prepare urea, slowing the release rate of urea in the rumen, and controls the activity of urease. i, Direct Feeding Urea Disadvantages: 1, Ports: – Urea bitter is extremely strong, cattle, sheep does not like to eat, affecting the amount of food, but there is a side effect. Service Livestock 2, Low Absorption Utilization: Urine Entering Rumen, Decomposing Biocarbon and Carbon Dioxide, Some ammonia is used, synthesis The bacterial protein is entered into true stomach digestion. Since the release of ammonia is very fast, the microorganism is not allowed to synthesize the bacterial protein, and the relatively part enters the blood, and finally the waste of the urine is wasted. Therefore, although some people are fed directly, they still don’t see the cattle, and the sheep grows long. 3, VioS, : Service Livestock When the level of ammonia in the blood exceeds the liver’s burden threshold, it will cause blood ammonia accumulation. It will cause ruminant poisoning and even death. Service Animal Husband This shows that the direct feeding is poor controllable, which also affects the use of urea in ruminant breeding. One of the effective methods to solve this problem is to use puffed to generate gelatinated starch urea. , Maize UreaSuperiority the urea and the starch content of cereals (such as corn, etc.) and additives are mixed and uniformly mixed. After the mixed powder, the urea is uniformly adsorbed in the corn starch tissue, forming a physically bonding, partially reductant sugar and urea forming chemical binding, a small amount of urea molecules to produce a diurea reaction. After the ruminant, the urea is released slowly, and the urease inhibitor can inhibit the activity of urease, the ammonia release speed is slow, thereby safe and effective. In recent years, some professional feed mills (especially pastoral areas) have begun to produce gelatinous urea, some to further increase the utilization of urea, and add rumen regulators in the product And natural promoters, and called (urea) composite protein. Composite proteins are mainly composed of corn, soybeans, urea, rumen regulators, and natural promoters, with an average protein of 75%. Use Main Advantages: 1, Farous Sex: – Service After animal husbandry, natural plant growth age, corn starch, urea, soy produce dextrin and sugar, become aromatic, sweet, and improved. Service Livestock 2 The role of the regulator, the release speed of corn starch and ammonia can be substantially synchronized, and the ammonia level in the rumeter can be reduced by 1/3 of the ammonia level in the rumen, and the bacterial protein is more than doubled, and the crude fiber is increased. Digestive absorption is 15% -20%. 3, due to the use of puffed corn digestive absorption rate, rumen microbial utilization rate is high, up to 85% or more. 4, Heavy Greetings Degradation, improve utilization. After determination, it can increase the blood sugar concentration of about 12%, about 20% of the serum, the milk cow has increased by more than 10%, the beef cattle, and sheep gain more than 20%. 5, enhancing the disease of livestock: high temperature and high pressure of the process, not only passivated the anti-nutrient factor, but also Feed is sorghum, reducing the chance of livestock dyeness. At the same time, due to the proportion of protein ratios of different degradation speed, ammonia in urea has the effect of destroying the urea and fibrosis, natural promoting growth age have improved feeding, promoting digestive function, can increase ruminantThe feeding of hay has enhanced the disease of livestock. Service Livestock 6, Cost: s per ton of composite proteins can replace 1.7 tons of soybean meal, 1 ton of corn or instead of 2 tons of fine material The cost of feed is reduced by 20 mdash; 40%. After the aquacultin uses a composite protein, it can use a large number of hay of low protein content, broaden the source of crude feed, reducing the feeding cost, increase weight, and increases pure income per bull. Serving Animalum Puff Corn Urine Composite Protein Trial Feeding Beef Report Example: – : Participate The experimental beef cattle 200, 100 is the experimental group, 100 head as a control group, the test period from June 4 to 14 July 2003 to 14 July 2003. The experimental group fed 250 grams per day, and the control group feeding other feed equivalent to 250 grams of complex protein per day, the experimental group was basically consistent with the cost of feed price in the control group, about 4 yuan / head. From the table, it is possible to see that each beef cattle is 0.51 kilograms per meat per capron, and the weight gain rate is increased by 34%. 1/2 1 2 Next Last

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