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Crushing is one of the most commonly used raw material pretreatment means for feed processing. Its purpose is to turn large particles (block) raw materials into small particles, powder, facilitate animal digestion absorption. According to the size of the material after crushing, the pulverization can be generally divided into coarse pulverization, fine pulverized, fine pulverized and ultra-smash. Service Animal Husband 1. Crushing Principle and Crushing Process is Through the mechanical action to turn large particulate materials into small particles, powder, Common crushing force has extruded, impact, shear, friction, split, bending, etc. Service Animal Musk 1 Common Crushed Relief Service Animal Husband

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Shock Friction Splitting / Friction Service Animal Husband According to the Role of Materials and Crushing Machinery, Materials Mainly Three Forms Classified into three forms. Small particles: 1 Pullevation work effect on the material (the effect of impact column / hammer head / blade on material); 2 action of moving material (material impact ring gear / tooth plate / sieve plate); 3 sports The role between materials (the main form of the jet flow pulverizer). 2. Crushed Effect Mdash; Mdash; Crushing Particle Size Our Common Standard ldquo; Coarse Rdquo;, ldquo; Moderate Crush RDQUO;, ldquo; fine crush rdquo; and ldquo; Microclast rdquo; is not sufficient to describe the specific particle size of the pulverized, a crusher’s ldquo; fine crushed r debris; possibly a crusher rdquo; . Other vague expressions are: Maize particle size of the breast pig is pHI; 1.0mm sieve mdash; mdash; process description, existence of pulverizing models; the best particle size of the aquatic product is 40-80 h mdash; mdash; pass rate How much? the Scientific Reprntation of Livestock Crushing Particle Size: Geometric Average particle size DGW, D50, granular distribution frequency curve (intuitive illustration of pulverized particle size). Usually a reasonable description is how much is the percentage percentage of the standard sieve? Such as corn is smashed to 750 mu; M20 h screening rate ge; 50%, 85% distributed between 10-40. Uniformity: Geometric Standard Different SGW (smaller, the more average, the ideal state is 1). Detection of Livestock Crushing Particle Size: (1) Standard Screening (Applicable to Rough / Near / Micr / Microba / Powder) of 12-120; (2) Analysis of Granular Analysis The instrument (suitable for micron powder / nanoflite) fine in 120 destination. Serving Livestock Figure 2 Peruvian Fish Meat Size Distribution Map, DGW u003d 207.43, SGW u003d 1.78 –
Serving Animalum Note: Hammer Crushing Machine With PHI; 1.5 Screen Crushing, Source: Li Haiyan, etc. DGW asymp; D50. Particle distribution ·þ from normal distribution (1 delta; probability of 68.44%, 2 delta; probability 99.74%, 3 delta; probability 99.74%.), Calculated available: – Serving Log1 .78 u003d 0.250 2.317 + 0.250 u003d 2.567, 10 and; 2.567 u003d 368.98 mu; m 2.317-0.067 u003d 116.68 MU; M 68% of the particles of animal husbandry is distributed between 116.68 ~ 368.98 Mu; m. Service Animal Husband 3. Crushed Effect Affecting Factors Service Animal Husband affects the main factors of pulverization particles with raw material characteristics (such as moisture, fiber, protein and oil content, etc. ), Crushing equipment (such as models, hammers, screens, auxiliary suction systems, etc.). 3.1 Raw Physical Properties Serving the Livestock Feed Raw Materials is generally consisting of starch, protein, fiber, mineral, grease, moisture. The main factors affecting physical properties: air temperature, material temperature (material is low-temperature crispy, downtown at night), fine pulverization is difficult to easily: fiber gt; protein gt; starch gt; mineral. Water Effect Pulveration Particle Size: The higher the oil and water content, the thicker the fineness can be achieved. Treatment of high water / hyperiofin materials is 1 mixed pulverization; 2 frozen pulverization. 3.2 Crushing Equipment the impact of the animal husbandry and crushing equipment mainly has crushed models, equipment conditions, etc., different models are suitable for different conditions The comminution (as shown in Table 2). In addition, the same model, with the most common hammer pulverizer as an example, rotor speed, hammer number, thickness, sieve aperture, thickness, and screen arrangement, auxiliary suction, etc., can affect its efficiency. Serving Livestock Figure 3 Cereal Crushing Production Equivalent Change Trend –
[123 ] Serving Animalum Note: Based on 14% of corn, the moisture per increase is reduced accordingly. 4. Common Crushing Equipment Industry Roll Crusher, Tooth Crusher, Hammer Crusher, Hammer Crusher, roller pulverizer, gentle claw pulverizer, all kinds of crushing equipment such as needle mill mill, Kikawa grading, airflow pulverizer.

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