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Processing of the feed is to ensure the key to the performance of feed products and factory economy, with advanced equipment and good processing technology, not only province humanity, but also obtain excellent products. Therefore, the quality of the various process links in the production process is monitored, and the control of the quality of the feed product has a pivotable role. In addition, the metering ingredie are required in strict accordance with the feed formulation, ensuring the normal processes of the entire processing process, and is the focus of the quality control of the feed production process. The following summary of quality control in each processing process of feed is intended to provide theoretical reference for production of scale specialization. 1 Raw Material Cleanup Quality Control Majors and Puttings should be made of clear iron treatment, and organic matter impurities must not exceed 50mg / Kg, the diameter is not more than 10mm, the magnetic impurities must not exceed 50mg / kg, the diameter is not more than 2mm, and in order to ensure safety, the grid of 30 40mm should be configured on the pit to remove impurities, and crush or powder it in the feed raw material. Before granules, it should also be removed from the iron process. In addition, the staff should regularly check the working conditions of the cleaning equipment and magnetic selection equipment, see if there is no damage and plugging, and regularly clean up the residual materials of various mechanical equipment. 2 Raw Mass Control the pulverization process of the service livestock feed mainly controls the grain size and its uniformity, the feed particles are too large or too small. It will lead to the occurrence of feed segregation, thereby destroying the uniformity of the feed product (Zhao Yi, 2005). Each livestock and poultry has a suitable feed particle size range, such as piglets, growth and fatty pigs and feed and meat with feed, post-split chicken (pre-stage), 99% of the feed, 99% by 2.8mm woven screen, must not have a whole grain Cereals, 1.4mm woven sieves are not more than 15%. The operator of the pulverizer should often pay attention to observing the crushing capacity of the pulverizer and the granularity discharged from the pulverizer. One of the crusher is abnormal (too small) The cause of the crusher screen has been leakage, and the material particles spent. Large, if you find that there is a crude grain or particle size, it should be downturn to check the pulverizer screen with a loophole or screen misalignment and its side baffle forming a drain. Secondly, it should often check that the pulverizer has no fever. If there is a fever, it should take timely excluded pulverizer blocking phenomenon, and observe whether the crusher current is overloaded. Finally, it should be checked regularly whether the pulverizer hammer is wear, and each class checks the screen without loopholes, drain and misplaced. – Battle Process requireme, there are currently two metering ingredie, one is notPulvering raw material metering ingredie, which is measured in accordance with the formulation requireme before the raw material is not pulverized, and then combined, mixed, and granulated. The advantage of this process is that the pulverization is convenient, and the same raw material only needs to be stored in one place, and the feed storage space is saved. Its disadvantage is that the production of the combined feed products and the formulation is large, the higher the material moisture content, the more weight loss, but not only affect the absolute proportion of its own formula, but also affect the entire coordination ratio and other raw materials Proportion. The better way to overcome this disadvantage is to increase the insurance factor of the feed measurement. The loss of general processing processes can be considered by 5% to 10%, and the water is high, the feed material is large, the insurance proportion can increase the appropriate amount (Chen Guangdong, 2015). The second ingredient mode is a crushing raw material metering ingredient, that is, the raw material is first pulverized separately according to the uniform specification, and then stored separately according to the formulation, and the metering of the pulverized raw material is carried out, and the granulation is directly carried out. This process error is relatively small, but increasing storage space, a raw material is at least two places, and the medium-scale mating feed production is generally produced in this way, and the measurement is relatively accurate, the mating error is relatively small, and the formulation requires measuring Team, it is easy to reach the nutritional quality of the recipe requireme. 3.2 Trace Compone the cooperation of animal husbandry trace ingredie is complex, easy to mistake, and this type of ingredient in cooperation is mainly vitamins. Trace eleme, non-nutrition additives, calcium, phosphorus, phosphorus, and salt, etc. If all added vitamins are concentrated together as a part, trace eleme, calcium, phosphorus and salt, etc. are concentrated as a part, and the non-nutritional additive is concentrated as a part, or only two parts, part of the minerals. Feed, the other part is other trace feed ingredie, including synthetic amino acids. After ready, each mixed batch is added to the prepared micro ingredie and record it. In order to reduce the loss of trace compone, the mineral element part is finally added to the mixer, and the other trace compone should not be added with the mineral eleme, preferably The addition of the mixer with energy feed or protein feed, do not contact the mixing chastion, and the premixed portion of the feed is added to the mixer, and then the boot is mixed. 4 Mixed Quality Control Mixed Quality Control is closely related to the correct operation of the mixing process, and pay attention to the addition of raw materials in production The order, generally should first put a large amount of raw materials, the less amount of amou of amou should be added back, such as vitamins, trace eleme, and drugs in the premix. When adding liquid raw materials such as grease, it is necessary toThe nozzle sprayed and sprayed as much as possible to prevent the feed from being or form a small ball. Before the liquid raw material is added, all dry raw materials must be mixed uniform, and the mixing time should be extended accordingly, when the variety should be cleaned, and the consumption in the mixer will be cleaned. The best mixing time depends on the type of mixer and the nature of the raw material. Generally, the mixer manufacturer provides reasonable mixing time, the mixing time is not enough, then the mix is uneven, and the time is too long, which causes separation due to excessive mixing (Ye Li, 1999 . should pay attention to its control poi. When mixing, select the suitable mixer, which is generally used, which is used in the use of the type, which is high, fast unloading speed, and the tapered planet mixer is high, but the equipment is good, material The residual amount is small, the mixed uniformity is high, and liquid raw materials such as grease can be added, which is a suitable premixing apparatus. The mixing uniformity and optimal mixing time should be regularly checked, and the time is too long, which will affect the uniformity of the material mix, and adjust the gap between the screw and the bottom case, regular maintenance and mixer, eliminate the leakage phenomenon, clean up the residue materials. When replacing the recipe, the mixer must be thoroughly cleaned to prevent cross pollution. For the cleaning of the dosing feed is usually buried or burned, the vacuum cleaner recovery should not be sent directly into the mixer, and then treated after the ingredient is obtained. The premixing operation is separated from the main mixing operation to avoid cross-contamination, and the delivery distance of the finished product should be minimized to prevent the feed grading, and after the premix feed is mixed, it is best to directly load the bag. 5 Product Forming Quality Control Production Rate High and Quality The quality of the product is related to the performance of forming equipment, very large The degree depends on the performance and conditioning process of the material forming. The process conditions of the granulation are based on the physical and chemical properties of the main raw materials in the feed formulation, which mainly includes material mass preparation for forming, that is, steam pressure, temperature, moisture and conditioning time. The granulation quality includes feed formation quality and nutrient quality, and the granulation process comprises cold press particles and vapor heat pressing grains, and the thermal pressing grain is better for the milk and piglet feed, the technical process required for hot press particles is more complicated. It not only requires the right mechanical equipment, but also requires appropriate steam quality, which is suitable between steam, feed and mechanical three to suppress high-quality hot press particles. Control the appropriate vapor pressure, the temperature of the mass (about 80 ¡ã C) is conditioned (generally half a minute, if necessary, the double striupter can be used to ensure the massage quality) and the granulation speed to obtain high quality particle feed. . – Based on the feed, the process should pay attention to the granulation equipment for inspection and maintenance, each class cleans the magnet on the primary granulator, remove the scum, check the stamper, the wear of the pressure roller And whether the cooler has a product, regularly check the crusher roller tape teeth and cutter wearThe situation and the working conditions of the hydrophone to ensure the vapor quality of the mass strip, and each class checks if the hierarchy screen is damaged, blocked and bonded to ensure the grading effect. The massage treatment before the granulation is extremely large, the particulate performance and the particulate formation rate of the feed is extremely large, and the general conditioning time is 10 to 20 s, and the prolonging the tension can improve the tuning effect. Further, to control the pressure of the steam and the condensed water content in the steam, the moisture of the feed after the regression is 16% to 18%, the temperature is 68 to 82 ¡ã C, and the pressure roller is adjusted when the pressure roller is rotated when the pressure is low-speed rotation, the pressure roller Just touch the high position of the stamper, which can minimize contact between each other and reduce wear. 6 Packaging Quality Management Staff should check whether the packaging is normal, and its set weight should be consistent with the weight of the packaging requireme. The error is controlled at 1% to 2%, and it is checked whether the packaged feed and packaging bag and the feed label are correct. Packagers should pay attention to the appearance of feed at any time, and find abnormalities should be handled in time to ensure the quality of the sewing bag, and cannot drain and drop the line. The key to quality management is that the personnel management, qualified primary controller should be familiar with the production process, and the equipment operation should be often pointed to the equipment failure and the error operation of the operating procedures should be pointed out in time. Every day, the theoretical amount of the additive inventory is consistent with the actual amount, carefully reading the record, and the measuring instrume should be corrected. The statutory measurement department should be repaired and corrected by measuring instrume, and clear the production plan, according to the production plan and warehouse. Whether the inventory supervision and production plan is reasonable. Whether the additive should be checked for too long, and the artificial addition port should be checked, prevent additives, oil, whey powder, etc., more or misunderstood, and the mixer should be adjusted every quarter Mix uniformity (CV) 5%. Time to regularly supervise the workshop, perform regular cleaning of the mixer, land pit, cellar, silo, buffer, granulation system and packaging system, especially the massager, feeder, exhaust pipe and custom winds of the granulation system. Ouy, etc. In addition, pay attention to check whether the pulverized particle size is in line with the requireme of the finished product, the crusher screen has no rupture, check whether the granulation system is blocked, whether the venting tube is broken, the granulation parameter is obtained, whether the granulation effect meets the requireme. 7 Small Junction In Feed Production, the appropriate mechanical equipment and excellent processes need to be measured according to the requireme of the feed formulation, strict Grasp the key eleme of all links and follow the regulations and focus on social benefits and economic benefits to ensure the processing quality of feed finished products.

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