Quality control of premix production

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Most of the raw materials of the premix is mostly chemical synthesis, mineral extraction or biological extraction. Due to the diversity of the raw material production process, the nature of the premix is also more diverse; the premix is relatively simple, and various formulations The materials that have been designed in the formation of materials can be fully mixed; the premix is usually added to the full price of mixing, and the use effect is mainly reflected in the growth and physiological conditions of livestock and poultry. The influencing factors and control methods of premixing materials are discussed below from three aspects such as raw material control, production process control, finished product to use process control. 1 Raw Material Control Serving the Quality of Livestock Raw Materials is one of its key factors, because the raw materials are not only the composition of finished products, more direct Affect the operation of the production process. In the monitoring of the production process, the reverse supervision of raw materials has become a very important ring. The quality control of the raw material is divided into several links such as enterprises, sampling tests, storage sampling, use tracking, feedback. 1.1 Inspection Inspection is the first procedure of the raw material after raw material procurement, is also very important An indispensable procedure. Here, it is necessary to initially identify the composition of the ingredient content, shelf life, color, agglomeration, moisture, insects, and mildew. At prnt, the inventory testing methods taken by each manufacturer are different, but the same is small. The first step is to identify delivery orders, packaging and active ingredie and content. The second step should have special identification on the production date and validity period of the raw material. In the third step, for the start of the raw material, whether the color is uniform; there is no rain, mold, cake; there is no insectic dyeing phenomenon and whether the impurities exceeds the standard; whether the moisture of the hand is normal, there is no fever phenomenon, powder Whether the particle size of the raw material is consistent; whether there is an intrinsic smell of the raw material itself, whether the odor is fresh, there is no abnormal taste. The fourth step is to register the procedure of the inspection and the results of the inspection. According to the test results, it is determined whether it is released, and the “raw material initial check”” is established. 1.2 Sampling Test and Sample Prrvation Improving For Enterprises in the Livestock

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