Rabbit feed is good

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Due to the dryness of the pill, it is hard to find a living habit of rabbits like to eat food, so the rabbit is hi, thus improving the effective utilization of the feed. Due to the comprehensive nutrition of pill, it is more advantageous to rapid growth and development of rabbits, thereby improving the economic benefits of rabbits.

1. Adapt to the rabbit Like the life habits of biting, reduce feed waste.

2. Feed is not easy to sprinkle, the feeding of the bran will not be stained with rabbit, which is both beneficial to maintain hygiene, reduce feed waste, and improve rabbit hair. quality.


3. Easy to grasp and formulate nutrition-friendly mixing feeds to facilitate the addition of micro-elements to add amounts and add preventive medicines.

4. Pellet with pellets and good meat rabbits, the reproductiveness is significantly increased, and the young rabbit is good, the mortality is low.

The production and feeding of pellets and feeding according to the size and feeding capacity of rabbits, will be mixed with feed to heat the water (in hand-pinched into groups, it is advisable After that, the feed pills of the small size, dry, and fuel the forage. Big rabbit feeding big pills, bunny feeding small pills. Each family is feeding each pill every time, feeding 2 times ~ 3 times.

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