Revision of dust filter bag damage

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For different situations, a reasonable amount of gray is taken, which not only improves dust removal efficiency, but also extends the life of the filter bag. 1 If the temperature is too high, the selected dust filter bag is overstone, and the filter bag mins the service life, which is severely burned in a short period of time. Therefore, when selecting a filter bag, it is necessary to determine the calculation of the dust collector inlet temperature, in which the corresponding dust removal bag is selected. i, Filtering Wind Performance the filtering wind speed of the animal husbandry bag dust collector is too high, which is the main reason for dusting bag damage. In recent years, some units have blindly reduce equipment costs, increase profits, when designing the bag dust collector, increase the filter air speed, and there is no obvious reaction in a short period of time, but greatly shorten the life of the filter bag. This has not given a lot of economic burden, but it is a waste of time. , Dust Removal Bag Performance Dust Replenishment Bag Performance Direct Relationship Dust Relationship. At prnt, the problem is that the dust resistance is large, the treatment of the air volume is small, and the shortage of dust is short, but not only affect the dust removal effect, and even affect the normal production. i, Product Quality the processing of livestock bags is especially important. In recent years, some small manufacturers have used small sewing machines as processing equipment, and use inferior lines when processed, with false chaos, and the processing level is far behind. Make the dust remover bag in the use of no longer use. Although the size of the bag is slightly smaller, it can be used after the dust hng a large weight, and the pouch will be removed for a period of time. Service Livestock Safe, when the dust trial is high, ڽ Select the bag dust collector capable of dealing with higher depth dust, the dust bag is low, the filter is low, the filter material is not low At 550 g / m2, it should be selected when the flue gas temperature is high.

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