Ring compression ratio of different feed raw materials

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The ring mold is too thin, with the intensity of the ring mold, the explosion mode will occur in the production, at which point the thickness of the ring mold should be increased and the reduced pressure hole is increased in the premise of ensuring the effective length of the mold hole. Typically, the high-grade feed ratio of the grades is preferably compressed between 8-12.5; the thermal sensitive feed and urea feed should be used in 5-8 compression ratio; the concentrated feed of natural protein is suitable for use 5- The compression ratio between 11; the cow is suitable for the compression ratio of 7 to 15. In addition, after considering the basic formulation of the feed, according to the product of the feed quality of the producer, the specific compression ratio is selected, for example, a slightly lower compression ratio is advantageous for increased production, reducing energy consumption, reducing the wear of the ring mold, but such a one It will reduce the quality of the feed, such as the particle is not strong enough, the appearance is short, the feed rate of the feed is high, but in turn, the particle quality is advantageous (the granules are slightly smooth, the powder is small), but will increase The product cost of the product. 7PE the rationality of the working clearance between the ring mold and the pressure roller has an important effect on the effective use of the ring mold. In general, the gap between the ring mold and the pressure roller is between 0.1-0.3, in practice experience, while the rotation is rotated by the hand, the pressure roller reaches the absence of similar rotation. So, how to adjust the gap between the ring mold and the pressure roller? Through our practical experience, when the new mold is applied, first, loose pressure roller adjustment bolts will adjust the pressure roller to the outer round of the pressure roller. The state of the inner round surface; secondly, the pressure roller eccentric shaft is adjusted, and the clearance between the respective pressure rollers and the ring mold is appropriately, preloaded the ribbon, and the ring mode is stepped, and the gap is gradually adjusted, so that the pressure roller reaches the work of similar rotation. State, final tightening adjustment bolts. When a new molding machine, the gap between the ring mold and the pressure roller is usually required to be slightly larger than what you need, which facilitates the smooth transition between the new ring mold and the old roller, and the new mode and the old roller complete a certain amount of milling period. Thereafter, the gap can be adjusted to the gap you need. In use, it is a boom mode and sacrificial pressure rollers, because the price of the ring mode is more than ten ti or even a few ti the price of the pressure roller, so in use, in the case of selecting a reasonable gap, the hardness of the pressure roller cannot be Too high, that is, the wear resistance of the pressure roller cannot be higher than the wear resistance of the ring mold. 7PE Wheel Molding In the production process, it is necessary to clean the material requireme, avoiding material mixing with large pieces of sand, sand, iron, bolts and iron filings and other hard particles . Because th inclusions accelerate the wear of the ring mold, and a large amount, the large hard inclusion will cause a loop mode multiple ti , so that the ring mold is fatigued, and when a certain force exceeds the strength limit of the ring mode, the ring mode will appear explosion. Mode. 7PE Service Live Husbandry, the operator is in the new mold, and the new mold is required to avoid the tapered injury and scratching when the ring mold is used. And for its conical surface and its mating drive rim tapered surface, oil assembly. Replace the ring model, disassemble, do not hurt and scratchCones, oil protection. For pellet machines that often replace the ring mold, the transmission rim is required to be inspected regularly to prevent excessive wear, resulting in the fracture of the mold set, because excessive wear will affect the cooperation between the ring mold and the rim The cooperation is not tight, and when the ring mode is working, it will cause the mold, which causes shear forces, and after the occurrence of this, don’t mistakenly think that the strength is not enough to change to high strength, ultimately It can only cause loop mode damage and regular breakage of safe sales. Therefore, it is quite necessary to protect and regularly inspect the tapered surface of the ring mold. For the ring molding of the hoop assembly, the protection and inspection of the compone of the fitting surface and the compone thereof are also quite necessary. When the pressure roll is used for a period of time, wear phenomenon affects the cooperation accuracy of the ring mold, thereby affecting the production output of the ring mold, and should be necessary to repair or replace new ring molds. 7PE , the sharpener is not mishering. Reasonable maintenance of ring molds is part of a ring-mold economy and effective use. 7PE In the production process, it is often found that the ring mold is often blocked, wear, sealing, and inversion. At this time, if it is not necessary to maintain it, It will result in reduced production, increased energy consumption, and even do not discharge. At this time, the method for basic maintenance of the ring mold is to perform the annular surface of the ring mold in the working surface, and then perform a chamfer. When replacing the ring mode, the oil-containing oil is required to fill the mold in the hot mold so that the ring mold is best to achieve the next time. 7PE Challenge, create more economic benefits for companies. 7PE 7PE

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