Self-contained or purchased feed processing three taboos

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Many farmers add drugs in their own or purchased feed, hoping to promote the anti-disease treatment of poultry, but often due to improper addition, not, but there is no expectation, but cause poisoning or even death. The feed addition should pay attention to three poi: I. Adding drugs in a targeted selection of drugs should be targeted according to the kind of poultry species, age and growth stage. Poultry and animal animals with young, aging and physical fit should choose from drugs with low toxicity and less dosage. The drugs added to the feed should be an antibacterial and antibacterial drug that is easily absorbed by gastrointestinal. Penicillin that is easily damaged by digestible liquid, etc. should not be added. II. Available in mixing antibiotics antibiotics, most of the drugs are more efficient, and one can be used. If two or more drugs must be used, there is an inteentate or add-to-action, such as gastric proteases that cannot be compatible with alkaline drugs, antibiotics to be used alternately. Third. Avoid prevention, treatment of drugs in the treatment, must clarify whether it is prevention or treatment. Generally speaking, preventing medication only needs to treat half of or even 1/4 of medication. Such as tetracycline, oxytetracycline, chicillomethacin, etc., add 2 pieces in per kilogram of body weight, and chloramphenicol add 4 pieces of treatment per kilogram of weight, only one piece can be added. Play a good preventive role.

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