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The principle of semi-dry silage is basically the same as the general greening method, as it also needs anaerobic storage, but only the material moisture content of the raw materials of the green silage is at 70% -80%, while the semi-dry silage requires the water content of the raw materials. 40% -60%. According to this feature, in order to achieve better silage quality, in the semi-drying process, you should pay attention to the following points:

Cutting of

cutting after cutting The moisture should be lowered to 40% – 60%. The reduction speed of moisture is closely related to the loss of nutrients in the raw material, and the water is closely related, and the moisture reduction is slowly disadvantaged. For example, nutrients are only 2% in raw material in 9 hours, and the nutrient loss can reach 7% in 24-26 hours. In the rainy season, the water containing water is reduced to 55% for 72 hours, and the nutrient loss is up to 16%. Therefore, the castration time of the green feed should be selected in the season of the raw material itself and the weather is relatively low and the weather is sunny.

Silage raw materials are short

Due to the low water content of semi-dry silage, it is not easy to compact, so the quadraticity of the raw material is less than the general silage feedstock. According to the semi-drying effect, the silage raw materials into 1.5-3.5 cm long, and the quality of silage can be guaranteed.

Method and speed of loading raw materials should be appropriate

The filling method and production speed of semi-dry silage raw materials are also an important factor affecting the quality of silage. As an example, if the size of the silage is large, the supply of raw materials is dispersed, the silage production time is long, the raw material filling of the green silage begins, and the segments are carried out, and it is filled with a section; After a period, the partially covered plastic cloth and the appropriate amount of weight in time. Such segment filling is good (only 0.5–0.6 meters per day) is good, and it is finished in 5 days. If the size of the silage is small, the number of raw materials is sufficient, and the filling, compaction, sealing of the raw materials can be completed in 2-3 days, so the batch is more convenient. The compaction requirements of semi-dry silage are higher than the general green silage, especially the corner angle, the better.

Sealed must be strict

After the raw material is filled with compaction, it must be sealed in time, the sealing method is the same as the general green silicon. Semi-dry silage is generally sealed for more than 45 days, you can use it.

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