Seven important factors caused by mildew in the feed production process

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The granulation mechanism is fast, the effect is good, the screen of the special hole is designed, and the filter is filtered, and the friction filters can be screened. The solid particles are screened. In the pharmaceutical, chemical, the food industry is widely used. The machine can replace the rocking particles and is a new generation of particle equipment. In the production of granulator particle material, there is someti a particle material in normal appearance, and for the insufficient or new feed manufacturer, it is someti found to find a problem. The reasons and improvement methods of seven common appearance abnormal particles are introduced to everyone to provide comparison references in feed production. JBT 1, Granular Bending and Ebits Many Cracks JBT this phenomenon of service livestock is usually generated when the particulate material is exiting the ring. In production, when the cutter position is farther away from the surface of the ring and the cutter is extruded, the particles are cut down or torn without being cut, and some of the particles bend at this time. Many cracks are prnt to one side and the other side. This particle material tends to break from th cracks during the cooling or transportation of the cooler, resulting in too much particulate powder from the production. JBT Improvement Measures: JBT A) Increases the compression force of the feed to feed, that is, increase the compression ratio of the ring mold, thereby increasing the particles The density and hardness value of the material; JBT serving livestock B) Pull the feed raw material more details Quantity, to improve the density of the particles, prevent the feed loose soft; JBT service livestock C) Regulate the distance from the surface of the cutter, usually the distance from the outer surface of the knife is not more than the The diameter value of the feed particles produced, or replaces the cutter of the cutter, the thin blade can also be used for small diameter particles, and the thin blade is prepared in surface production; JBT – Serving livestock D) uses bonded granulation aids to help improve the binding force of the intraceratures.

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