Seven important factors caused by mildew in the feed production process

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The granulation mechanism is fast, the effect is good, the screen of the special hole is designed, carefully screen filtered, its friction filters can be screamed and solid particles, in pharmaceutical, chemical, and food industry. The machine can replace the rocking particles and is a new generation of particle equipment. In the production of granulator particle material, there is sometimes a particle material in normal appearance, and for the insufficient or new feed manufacturer, it is sometimes found to find a problem. The reasons and improvement methods of seven common appearance abnormal particles are introduced to everyone to provide comparison references in feed production.

1, the particulate material is curved and the side exhibits a number of cracks

This phenomenon is usually generated when the particles are exiting the ring mold. In production, when the cutter position is farther away from the surface of the ring and the cutter is extruded, the particles are cut down or torn without being cut, and some of the particles bend at this time. Many cracks are present to one side and the other side. This particle material tends to break from these cracks during the cooling or transportation of the cooler, resulting in too much particulate powder from the production.

a) increase the compression ratio of the ring mold on the feed, that is, increase the compression ratio of the ring mold, thereby increasing the density and hardness value of the particulate material.

B) Puls the feed feedstock more details. If a molain or fat should be added, the dispersion of the molasicles or fat should be improved and the amount is controlled to increase the confirmation of the particles, prevent the feed. Soft;

C) Adjust the distance from the surface of the cutter from the ring, usually the distance from the outer surface of the knife is not larger than the diameter value of the feed particles produced, or replaced with a sharp cutter, for Small diameter particles can also be made of thin blade, and thin blades closely to surface production;

D) The bonding force of the particles can help improve the binding force inside the particles.

2, horizontal cracks pass through the entire particles

Some similar, and the cracks occur in the cross-cut surface of the particles, only the particles are not bent. This is likely to occur when a fluffy feed granulation containing more fibers will occur. This particle material is often used when the feed is crushed into the granulating hole of the ring mold, since the fibers having a longer diameter are contained, after the particles are extruded, the pellets are generated on the cross section. Crack , Producing a feed appearance of a fir tree skin.

Improved approach:

Increase the compression ratio of the ring mold on the feed, that is, increase the compression ratio of the ring mode; Control the pulverization of the fiber Fineness, its maximum length cannot exceed one-third of the particle size;

reduce yield to reduce the speed of the feed through the mold, increase the confirmation;

Extended tuning tempered time, using multilayer striry or kettler;

When the powder is too high or contains urea, it is possible to produce a fir-shaped feed appearance. The added moisture and urea content should be controlled.

3, particulate material produces vertical crack

In some feed formulations contain fluffy and slightly elastic raw materials, this raw material is tuned by a conditioner. The water is inflated, and after the calculation of the granulation is compressed by a ring mold, a vertical crack is generated due to the effect of the moisture and the raw material itself.

Improved Measures :

Change the recipe, but this is possible to increase the cost of raw material; the quality of the steam used in the control of the regulation, try to use a saturated dry Steam so that the added water is minimized; reduces production or increases the effective length of the mold hole, and increases the time of the feed in the mold hole as much as possible; the addition of the binder also helps reduce vertical cracks.

4, the particles are generated by a source of radiation crack

This appearance indicates that the particulate material contains large particles, such a large particle material is tonify When the quality is very difficult to absorb the moisture and heat in the water vapor, not so easy to soften like other finer raw materials, while when cooling, due to different softening, the difference is different, resulting in a radiant crack, so that Powder rate increases.

Improved Measures

: Properly control the thickness and uniformity of the powdered feed material, so that all the raw materials can be sufficiently softened during conditioning .


This situation is for granulation In the powder, there is no large particle feedstock without pulverizing or semi-crushed, and the particles are hard and relatively large, and the particles are not very good at the same holes through the granulator. Other raw materials are bonded together, and the particles appear uneven. Another situation may be that the inclusion of steam bubbles in the raw material after mass injection, the steam bubble causes air bubbles during pressing into particles, and when the particles are extruded, the bubble is broken due to changes in the pressure. The unevenness in the surface of the particles is generated. This kind of feed may occur any feed containing the fiber.

Improved Measures


Properly control the thickness of the powdery feed, so that all raw materials can be sufficiently softened during conditioning; for more than fiber Raw materials, because it is easy to simmer and steam, do not add too much steam in this formulation.

6, Mindi-shaped pellets

When producing pellets, if the amount of steam added is too much, excessive steam is stored in the fiber or powder, and when the particle extrusion ring mode, due to the sharp change in pressure The particles are burst to project the surface of the fiber or the particulate material, and the hormis of the hand is formed, especially when producing high starch, high fiber content, the more vapor is more, the more serious situation is more severe. Improved Measures


Good conditioning. When we granulate high starch and high fiber content, (0.1-0.2 MPa) should be used to use low pressure steam to allow the moisture from the water and heat to the feed absorption. If the steam pressure is too high, or the downstream line of the pressure reducing valve is too short, it should generally be greater than 4.5m, and steam will inevitably release the moisture and heat, and some steam reserves. In the feed raw material after mass injection, when the granules, the pulse granule effects described above, in sumg, pay special attention to the pressure regulation of the steam and whether the installation position of the pressure reducing valve is correct.

7, a single particle or individual particle color is inconsistent, commonly known as “flower””

This situation is more common when producing aquatic feed

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