Several attention poi for safe operation of granulator

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According to years of experience in manufacturing granulator, several attention poi of this safety operation granules, I hope to have a certain help for friends who are using granulator or preparing to use granulator: serving the animal husbandry (1) The particle size of the grain powder should have a certain proportion: the general livestock and poultry material 8 is passed, and the 20 h sieve is less than 30%. Ordinary fish 20 is passed through, and the 3O h sieve is less than 35%. For the shrimp stock 35, the 60 h sieve is less than 25%. (2) Feed Templates: A. Improve production efficiency; b. Extension of ring mode life; c. Reduce energy costs; d. Paste starch and improve nutritional value. (3) The tempered temperature is 15 ¡ã C, and the powder moisture increases by 1%. Ordinary livestock mass regulating temperament is 25 to 40 s, and the fish is more than 60 s. (4) When producing high or high protein feed, the temperature is controlled at 60 to 65 ¡ã C, and the water should be controlled at 13% to 14%. Service Livestock Production When the Low-grade Brass, the summer temperature is controlled in 7O to 82 ¡ã C, winter temperature control is controlled in 7O to 74 ¡ã C, and the water should be controlled at 15% ~ 16%. . When the ordinary pig and the poultry are produced, the temperature is controlled at 82 to 88 ¡ã C, and the water should be controlled from 16% to 17% after the massage. When producing milk cow, the temperature is controlled at 60 to 62 ¡ã C, and the water should be controlled by 12% to 13% after the massage. 1 Preparation Work First Viewing the Planning Arrangement of this shift, understand the last time work record, check the granulation The distribution of the warehouse is in line with the listing signal on the production plan and the control screen. Then thoroughly cleaned the internal residue of the cooler, the dust, the pipe, the pipeline, and the granulator (only the interior of the granulator before booting). s According to the production variety, coarse-conditioning granules cutting knife, check or replace the graded screen specifications, The product. Checking Plane Machine Guide Knife, Scraper, Pressure Roller, Ring Mode, Guiji Position, Dragon Wire Wear, Production of Drug Tunned, Granulator is easy to block. If the pressure roller is serious, a small amount of varicolored particles will appear. If the ring mode is not machined with a high-speed gun, it is necessary to grind 30 min before use; if it is a high-speed gun-processed stainless steel ring mold, it can be used directly without grinding. However, when you start using, you should add steam and slow down the production speed. After running 1 h, you can complete the milling period. If the ring mode is delayed, it can be used slowly.The speed drilling machine re-forses to extend the service life. Next, the gap of the granulator press roller and the ring mold is adjusted, allowing the ring mode to turn, and the pressure roller is time to turn. , preparation before starting work is basically ready. 2 Start Granulation System and Maintaining Best Status Service Animal Husband This process will directly affect the production and product quality of the production shift. Service Animalum In order to prevent the occurrence of blocking phenomena, start the relevant equipment in front of the process, starting in the order of starting, in Figure 2. Service Animal Husband Start Granulate Machine Main Motor, does not add steam, open the gager bypass, so a little black pellets are placed on the ground. Then start the tunmer, let the small amount of powder started to the ground to prevent the material to be treated with a tide card; then start the feeder, do not add steam, use dry powder extrusion The figures are placed on the ground, and the colors of the extruded particles are normal, let the particles enter the cooler. Service Animal Husband Add a small amount of steam, and the feeder accelerates, allowing the granulator to maintain a 50% load, slowly feed the material on the ground, then In addition, the feed speed is increased, and the granulator is fully loaded. Activities, Ten Seconds, Granulator Main Motor Curre have fallen, once again increase the feeding speed, so that the granulator is full. Then increase the amount of vapor, wait for several seconds, the granulator main current falls again, repeated multiple ti until the steam is added, the granulator main current does not fall, indicating that the powder moisture has arrivent, granulator Full load. Full load indicates that the granulator main current reaches 90% rated current. Open Granulation Machine Artificial Feeding Door, grabbing the powder after the massage, feeling hot, release, material material into a group, gently press the natural Dispersed, if the material is too thick, the amount of steam should be reduced. Conversely, the material is too loose, then increases the amount of steam. Take some hot hot material from the granulator sheet with a spoon, placed in the middle of the mother finger and the index finger, so that it can be flat without loose. Observation Granulation Mechamerous Current Table, if the current meter pointer is no longer awkward, the entire granulating system is in an optimal steady state. service livestock use 10 min time to clean the environment around the granulator to keep it clean.

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