Squeeze, expandable, decline, and expansion

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Squeeze and ripening is that the material is matched completely by screw rotation and material production. The control is accomplished, and the degree of maturity is poor; while the expansion is developed on the basis of extrusion, the degree is more thorough, but The production energy is cost effective and the cost is high. The common feature is to rotate the screw to push the feed forward and generate mechanical friction or shear heat and heat. The processed equipment and principles and pensions of expansion are similar, but the machining process parameters are moderately moderately moderate, the ripening is slightly lower than the puffed, but the unit time is higher, the energy consumption is relatively low, and the processing cost is lower than the puffed maturity. . The output of extrusion in the three processes is the lowest, the degree of damage is the worst, but nutrie such as vitamins and amino acids are small; the degree of decontamination and the degree of damage to the anti-nutritional factor are the highest, and the vitamin loss is large. If the processing parameter is adjusted Ok, effective lysine is destroyed. When the production of maturation is increased, the anti-nutritional factor reaches the maximum destruction of the young animal and pet expanded feed, and the production requires puffed and matureation when the production requires ponthetic aquatic product; when the production of maturation is relatively high, the yield is large, When the production cost is relatively low, it is recommended to use an expansion and ripening process; conventional extrusion can only produce oil cakes or some meat fish or pet half-wet particles.

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