Standards for feed processing mixers for pig farms

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China’s agricultural resources are increasing, and more and more demand for animal products, solve This contradictory method is to implement factory culture, that is, in the way industrial production, modern science and technology and equipment are used for livestock growth, and the development of various suitable conditions, so that the production potential of livestock and poultry is fully played, thus achieving Efficient production of livestock products. RHK China Feed Industry Information Network – Based on Feed, Serving Animal Husbandry

China’s factory-cultured industry has been developed in recent years, taking pigs as an example, more modern scale pig farms Nearly 3,000, the size of the farmers’ professional households also became increasing, although the conditions were less than the scale pig farm, but should also be considered a prototype of factory culture. In order to reduce costs, the general pig farm has its own feed mill, and produces blending feed. From the perspective of reducing investment, most of the pig farms and farmed professional users are all vertical feed processing units, namely 9PS series. Such a unit uses a pulverizer, a mixer integration, and less power consumption. The processing process used is generally the premixing premix, and the remaining raw materials are pulverized by the pulverizer, and the wind is delivered to the stirred package, and the premixed material is conveyed to the stirred package, stirred together with other raw materials into a feed. This form of feed processing unit has two potential deficiencies: RHK China feed industry information network – based on feed, service animal husbandry

1, mixed uniformity is not enough. The premix feed requires high uniformity because most of the effective ingredients are trace ingredients mdash; mdash; trace elements and vitamins, etc., some components are only more than 100,000. Therefore, the uniformity variant coefficient of the premixed feed is required CV Le; 7% to avoid the trace ingredients of excessive livestock or too little intake. The mixed homogeneity variation coefficient of the vertical mixer CV Le; 10%, when the mixed uniform premix is u200bu200bprocessed after the vertical mixer is machined, the micro component distribution of the processed coordination feed is uneven, Not required for livestock growth. RHK China Feed Industry Information Network – Based on Feed, Service Animal Husbandry

2, the residual amount is too large, causing unevenness between each batch of feeds. The working principle of the vertical mixer is to rotate at a high speed of the vertical spiral, and the material is rished from the bottom to the top, and is gradually mixed by diffusion after diffusion. The premixed feed is delivered to the bottom of the sub-strip spiral to participate in the bottom of the material, and the high speed rotation of the helix is u200bu200bmade, such as ore-specific components such as minerals, because the centrifugal force is large and the throwing is not allowed to participate in the axis; On the other hand, the sleeve of the helix is u200bu200blarge, typically 4-5mm, and the vertical spiral of the vertical spiral reaches 10 mm, so each batch of feed will not completely remove, there is a large residue. Since the operation procedure is not accurate (such as the premix adding speed, overall mixing timeWait), the residual amount of each batch is different, so it directly affects the content of each component in the next batch of materials, causing unevenness between each batch.If the pig is discovered in a farm that lacks trace elements or vitamins, such as arch circles, bite, etc.. RHK China Feed Industry Information Network – Based on Feed, Serving Animal Husbandry

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