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What is steam table? steam table is a higher processing method. The method is to enter the cereal into the steam tab, and the steam is passed to 30 minutes to 60 minutes, and the grain starch is fully pastened. When the grain moisture is increased to 18% -20%, the pre-heated large roll rolled into a sheet. Steam Tablets: Steam Craft Process: Raw Material Rat; Cleaning Rarr; Steam Heating Temperature Temperature Right; rarr; dry, cooling rar; packaging rarr; finished product storage. steam tablets is relatively simple, the acquisition of raw materials need to be cleaned, clean up, including clearing large, small, light smash, stone, metal and other substances, after cleaning The raw material enters the tuning tank. After a period of time, the corn starch is fully paste, then enter the tablet press, the thickness of the tablet can be adjusted, and then the drying cooler is reduced, and the moisture is reduced to the safe storage water. At this time, the material can be packaged into the library, and can also be packaged in the warehousing or in the form of bulk in the form of a warehousing or in the form of bulk. the process of serving the animal husbandry steam tablets is simple, so the processing cost does not exceed the granulation. Steam Table Mechanism Steam Tablet Treatment Cereals is expanded by steam thermal processing, and then use one The mechanical pressure generated by the reverse rotary roller is peeled off against th expanded cereals, and the grain is processed into a stipulate density. The mechanism of the vapor tablet treatment cereal is actually a gelation process, that is, the tight binding cereal starch, by gelation to destroy the intracellular starch bonded hydrogen bond, thereby increasing the digestibility of the animal to grain starch. In addition, during the steam tablet treatment, the chemical structure of the protein in the cereal has been changed, which is conducive to the absorption of rumor stomas on the rumor. Steam tablet treatment of cereals to promote gelation process and improve the overall digestibility, mainly moisture, heat, treatment time and mechanical action, moisture action is expanded and softened, heating can move electrons, destroy hydrogen bonds Promote the gelation reaction, sufficient steam massage treatment time is a guarantee of the sufficient gelation process, and the mechanical action of the drum is a process of crushing and reaches a specified tablet density. Steam Tablet Treated Creek on Dairy Bull Milk Performance Steam Catering Compared with Dry Curra, Raise Rumegas, The starch digestibility of the small intestine and the whole digestive tract is reduced as low as the pressure density. Carbon waterThe utilization rate of compounds in the rumen is an indispensable growth of the effective and maximized growth of the tumor stomach microorganism. On the beef cattle, the vapor tables have been reported to increase the conversion efficiency of feed proteins to microbial proteins. There are similar reports on cows. The digestion of starch in the raft affects energy supply, and energy supply directly affects the synthesis of milk. Processing of cereals to increase rumen can utilize carbohydrates, improve milk, milk protein rates and yield. Do tic and Foreign Steam Tablet Application Status in Europe and the United States Developed Country, Steam Table Treatment Processing Technology in Cattle , Beef cattle, meat sheep breeding has been widely used 20 years ago. The United States has 98 million heads of fertilizer, 100% of the beef catty stadiums use a vapor tablet treated cereal. The number of dairy farms used to use a steam tablet in the past five years in the breeding of 50% -70%. In recent years, our adjacent Korea and Japan have also started feeding cattle and sheep, Japan. Cow feed accou for about 25% of the entire feed, while the steam tables account for almost. my country is early quot; seven-five quot; quot; eight five quot; Machine, since the do tic cattle and sheep farm industry did not form, there was no promotion after the development of the development, and there were currently some professional magazines and papers in China, but they were really applied to the production. my country’s nursing cattle industry is still a traditional nurses, mainly sporadic stocks, or larger-scale cattle industries just start, and their feed is currently concentrated on grass feed and mixes some powdered materials. Steam Tablets in my country’s Application Prospect is the material foundation of animal husbandry development, my country’s development of cattle industry, in addition to need A large number of high-quality pastures, there are also a large amount of fine feed to guarantee. Bullet, cows production development will consume a lot of feed. At prnt, although we can take out part of the food to develop animal husbandry, in order to reduce production costs, improve the utilization rate and conversion rate of existing feeds still necessary to develop steam tablets. Steam tablets are currently the ideal feeding corn processing technology, compared to other processing methods, which can significantly improve the utilization and conversion of feed corn, and currently use this technical quasi-striped treatment in foreign countries. Feed corn.

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