Study on process conditions of esophageal protein process

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Serving Animal Abstract Experime Select neutral protease hydrogenmantin. Through single factor test, the hydrolysis temperature, pH value, enzyme added, substrate concentration, hydrolysis time on hydrolysis effects. Through orthogonal test, the optimum hydrolysis condition is obtained: temperature 55 ¡ã C, pH value 7.5, enzyme weight 5 000 u / g protein, substrate concentration 10%, hydrolysis time 3 h, water solution under this condition It was 22.03%, and the soluble nitrogen content of trichloroacetic acid (Sn-TCA index) was 63.83%. Key Word Pig Defenoprotein; Neutral Protease; Hydrolysis; Trichloroacetic Acid Soluble Nitrogen – Bitted Feed , Low fat and rich in heme iron-rich food industry by-products. The blood globulin powder has a high nutritional value, which has a significant role in improving piglets, fish and broilers, feeding, feed efficiency, and enhanced immunity function. However, due to the color of ordinary hemoglobin powder, the bloody smell is heer, there is a odor, poor premium, affects the quality of the sensory, and the lack of red blood cells in the animal and the amino acid composition imbalance (leucine and lysine) The acid content is high, and the isoleucine and the methionine content are low) limiting the wide application of animals. Therefore, rarch suitable hemoglobin powder processing technology, expands the amount of addition and use, which can make up for the lack of protein resources in my country, and enormous economic benefits and reduce environmental pollution. Hydrogen Hydrolyzing Technology can degrade hemoglobin into polypeptides, small peptides and amino acids such as animals digestion, especially hemoglobin rich in hemovin, can be used as an ideal supplement Iron supplement feedstock, producing high quality functional feed raw materials. This paper mainly utilizes neutral protease to enzymatically hydrochemin, studying the enzymatic decomposition parameters of optimal hemoglobin powder, providing some practical reference for further deep processing of hemoglobin powder.

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